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Because She Loves Me

Because She Loves Me - Mark Edwards


By: Mark Edwards
ISBN: 1491533404
Publisher: Brillance Audio
Publication Date: 9/02/2014
Format: Audio
My Rating: 5 Stars


BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME, a tantalizing psychological thriller by Mark Edwards-- which will take you down paths of terror, keeping you guessing, leaving victims dead at every corner—who is the real culprit behind this obsession? A powerful account of sexual jealousy and the power of this destructive emotion—the green-eyed monster on steroids, and a wacko sick murderer under disguise, who will do anything to take complete control.


Andrew has loved and lost in the past; however, he meets the mysterious, sexy, and beautiful Charlie. She is not very forthcoming about her life and her past. Their relationship moves quickly. She is a wonderful and creative lover, pulling him into her powerful web.


However, she has a very jealous streak, possessive, and a temper. She does not like him talking with any other woman, and plans his every move. (sounds like my ex-husband)..


When Charlie’s obsession gets out of control and the women and people in Andrew’s circle begin to show up murdered—he begins to wonder who? Could Charlie have a split personality? He is even attacked involving a freak accident. Surely this woman he loves is not a cold-hearted killer?


An addictive and gripping thriller which keeps you guessing to the very end. I had a few suspects in mind for the murderer; however, I was wrong, as well. Edwards does an outstanding job of throwing you off track and holding the dramatic disclosure to the ending! Brilliant.


I loved the audiobook, as the narrator Napoleon Ryan, was exceptional, as loved the sexy accent for all characters, especially the naughty, Charlie. At times I thought Andrew must have the patience of Job, as most men would not tolerate a woman smothering them; however, guess for love and lust, you will put up with most anything to a point.


Fans of psycho thrillers, and authors Jennifer Hillier, Daniel Palmer, and Greg Iles will enjoy this thrilling intense ride.


This was my first book by Mark Edwards, and adding his other books to my reading list, as look forward to reading more by this talented author! (loved his inspiration for this piercing novel):


“After The Magpies was published, I realized I wanted to write something in a similar vein. As that novel was based on a real experience, I peered into my past to find something else to inspire me and hit upon a theme that I’d always wanted to explore in fiction: sexual jealousy.


When I was in my twenties, I lived with a woman who had a green-eyed monster inside her. Her jealousy made our life hell. Years later, I experienced jealousy myself and was shocked by the power of this most destructive emotion – and wondered just how destructive it could get… In The Magpies, the ‘monsters’ lived next door. In Because She Loves Me, the terror is even closer to home.”--Mark Edwards

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1046815508