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Mean Streak

Mean Streak - Sandra Brown

By: Sandra Brown
ISBN-13: 9781455581122
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: 8/19/2014
Format: Audio
My Rating: 4.5 Stars  


MEAN STREAK by Sandra Brown, is a riveting and intense page-turner crime thriller with a sexy romantic suspenseful twist!


Heiress, Emory Charbonneau, is a successful Atlanta pediatrician and disappears while training for a marathon in the mountains of NC, after a heated argument with her husband, Jeff (a jerk).


The police along with her husband (cheating husband, let’s add) begin to investigate her disappearance after her colleagues question why she did not show up for her appointments. Jeff does not really care for her running obsession, as he is too busy with his mistress, among other things.


Emory finds herself in a remote cabin in the wilderness, (yummy) with a mysterious and sexy man. Everything is weird, as he has no phone and she was hit on the head and passed out. Who hit her? He tells her— after the accident he brought her back to the cabin to make sure she is ok. She is unsure if she can trust this guy. When she feels better, they cannot leave, due to the weather conditions. She is drawn to this hot and mysterious guy.


All sorts of action, plots, and storylines, with some bad guys, near the cabin and Emory gets involved to help out an innocent girl.


In the meantime,—FBI Jack Connell is searching for a man and the two cases connect to this guy, which makes things more suspicious. And on the home front, the police start suspecting foul play as Jeff acts a little weird and after all his wife is wealthy. Readers will wonder which man is the real threat.


Full of drama, and action coming from all directions, with so many twists and turns with a cast of interesting and intriguing characters, and some sexy hunky scenes.


I listened to the audiobook and narrator, Jonathan Davis --he was quite good, with a sexy voice, creating more tension. (Everyone knows how picky I am about performers). He has also read some of my favorites, Baldacci and Connelly.


I enjoyed the reference to Winston-Salem, NC (native), and also the Buckhead area of Atlanta connection, (resided there for years). The novel reminded me a little of The Good Girl by Mary Kubica when the gal falls for the captor, with a different twist.


Fans of thrillers, fast pace and complicated plots with romantic suspense— will enjoy MEAN STREAK, and of course Brown’s captivating style! Wondering why it has taken me so long to get back to her books? Mmmm . . will need to catch up, soon.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1034063766