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Bones and Roses

Bones and Roses (Cypress Bay Mysteries Book 1) - Eileen Goudge

By Elieen Goudge
ISBN: 9780991589401
Publisher: INscribe Digital
Publication Date: 08/05/14
Format: e-book
My Rating: 5 Stars


A special thank you to INscribe Digital and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Eileen Goudge is back, stronger than ever with BONES AND ROSES, the first book in her exciting new Cypress Bay Mysteries series. Filled with lovable characters, razor sharp humor, and tons of drama for a page-turner mystery charmer!


In Northern California and the seaside town of Cypress Bay, readers meet the vacation rental queen, Leticia “Tish” Ballard, the former real estate broker, and recovering alcoholic, presently the owner of her own company, Rest Easy Property Management. She gave up the suits, and hectic life of real estate sales for flip flops and a more laid back lifestyle, where she takes care of the owner’s homes and prepares them for the guest arrival.


Currently, Tish is dating Daniel (comfortable, not sizzling), enjoys spending time with her BFF Ivy, and taking care of her very high IQ troubled adult brother, Arthur (he is a riot). However, her head begins spinning when she is left with a storage unit with a mysterious trunk filled with skeletal remains and opens up a past, and a crime (s), never solved.


Of course, while she puts herself front and center of the investigation, she has to come face to face with her old high school sweetheart, and lead detective, Spence, plus a number of other eccentric characters as she races to find the real killer as her life is on the line—keeping you guessing until the end with a nice twist.


As usual, Goudge is a master at character development, and storytelling, with obstacles coming in every direction for an engaging and satisfying read. I was blown away by the inspiration for the book and the events taking place in the author’s own life at the time of writing.


Wow, what can I say, I fell in love with author, Eileen Goudge years ago, and have been a faithful follower since. I will never forgot the day I purchased the Woman in Red, in Florida, which was my first book by Eileen. Something about the front cover was so intriguing—it pulled me in and was hooked. Immediately afterward, started Garden of Lies and worked my way up the list. After reading eighteen of her books, you could say I am a fan, and was delighted to receive an ARC of Bones and Roses. I loved it!


In addition to being a talented writer, Eileen is genuine, and speaks from the heart. She uses her tragedies and turns them into something wonderful. If you have ever communicated with Eileen via email, or Goodreads, via her blog, or read her postings, you will come to know a special and unique person. I speak for all the fans and readers out there – Thank you for being You! You are an inspiration and your words come alive on the page, with stories to warm hearts, and characters to remember, long after the book ends.


I loved Tish, Bradley and Arthur, and especially the vacation rental real estate storyline, as I have managed real estate, vacation rentals, cottages, hotels, and B&B inns for years, and there is always something exciting going on, and life is never dull!


Cannot wait to read the second book in the Cypress Bay Series: SWIMSUIT BODY, (3/1/15) and after reading Goudge’s blog, she describes her outspoken heroine, Tish Ballard, (yeah) will be once embroiled in solving a murder, this one of a world-famous movie star whom she found “tanning” posthumously by the swimming pool at one of the homes she maintains as owner of Rest Easy Property Management, in Cypress Bay, California. Maybe she will put out her sign for her second business, a PI. Yummy!


If you are new to Eileen Goudge books, you are in for a treat! I would highly recommend all her books, and visiting her website to learn more about this extraordinary author.



#2 in the Cypress Bay Mystery Series

Coming 3/1/15




In Book 2 of New York Times bestselling author Eileen Goudge’s thrilling new Cypress Bay mystery series, a Hollywood movie being filmed on location in Cypress Bay suffers a murderous script change. When its star turns up dead at one of property manager-turned-sleuth “Tish” Ballard's vacation rentals,

it gives new meaning to the term “swimsuit body.”


Tish soon finds herself in a race against time to find out who shot Delilah Ward when her schizophrenic brother, Arthur, goes missing and becomes the prime suspect. The heat is on in more ways than one as Tish locks horns with lead detective Spence Breedlove. Sparks fly then ignite. State lines, and other lines, are crossed.


But will Tish swap Skyping with her boyfriend stationed overseas for romance

with her former fling, Spence?

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1000204696