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Freak - Jennifer Hillier


By Jennifer Hellier

ISBN-13: 9781451664546
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 8/7/2012
Pages: 352

My Rating:  4 Stars


Jennifer Hillier’s FREAK, is definitely freaky and fast paced, full of suspense for a psychological thriller, as readers get to return to the Shelia Tao series, and characters from her debut novel, CREEP.


Hillier’s fans are in for a real treat, as if you enjoyed these two first books, readers are going to devour THE BUTCHER, (7/15/14), as read an ARC, and definitely a thriller 5-star read and one I would highly recommend!


Jerry Issac, the PI is back from his near fatal encounter with crazy Abby Maddox, girlfriend of the late serial killer, Ethan Wolfe. Jerry is struggling with the aftermath of Maddox’s attack and is now thrown back into the middle of the investigation. In the meantime, (Jack the Zipper), a killer is loose, carving words about Abby, a psycho blogger, love letters, and he wants her to go free.


Shelia Tao, the professor is back from CREEP, as she was the victim of Wolfe and was planning her marriage to investment banker Morris. With all the publicity surrounding the case, and her former sex addiction past being front and center, the wedding plans have been put on hold. Shelia and Jerry team up to uncover the killer and deal with the crazy Abby Maddox. Morris of course, is not too happy about this.


I enjoyed both books as highly recommend the audiobook as Talmadge Ragan, the narrator had a pleasing voice and kept the suspense high.


Jennifer is a pro at maintaining suspense, surprising you at the end for a twist you do not see coming. A talented author you will want to follow. Read all three books, you will not be disappointed!


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/978660855