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Revenge of The Cube Dweller

Revenge of the Cube Dweller - Joanne Fox Phillips



By Joanne Fox Phillips

ISBN: 9781938416934
Publisher: River Grove Books
Publication Date: 7/1/14
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 4 Stars



Joanne Fox Phillips’ REVENGE OF THE CUBE DWELLER, is an engaging tale of one tenacious middle aged woman’s adventure in the corrupt corporate world, a whistleblower uncovering misdeeds of fraud; packed with humor, drama, sass, wit, and delicious revenge!

Tanzie Lewis was living the life of everything Houston glitz and glamour has to offer, as the wife of a successful oil executive, with the highlight of her days—competing in the country club golf championship, or lunching with her rich friends.

When her cheating husband threw her aside for a younger woman and the stock market took a dive, Tanzie was left at age 52, menopausal, and jobless. (minus her beloved dog, and left with a used Lexus, and able to fit all her worldly possessions in said car).

Escaping her friends and former life (of course they now are her husband’s friends with his new wife), she escapes to Tulsa, OK and takes a job in the internal audit department of The Bishop Group, an oil and gas company. She is not on the management team, a nobody, (if you ask her boss), residing in a cube (razor sharp, good at her job, and a plus- a great detective). Taking care of her personal appearance is last on her list, thus weight gain and some lonely nights (with of course the help of nightly cigarettes and wine).

However, she finds she gets an adrenaline rush from uncovering misdeeds and accounting irregularities within the company, with a purpose—as the suspense heats up. She is obsessed with getting to the bottom of the fraud, as she needs to be promoted and accepted to demonstrate her worth; in order to get her life back, while working with these men who are worthless and clueless.

From sneaking into offices after hours and weekends, uncover as housekeeping staff, to snatching computer passwords to privileged information—she uncovers corporate fraud, manipulation, accounting irregularities, and a cover-up! With the lack of security within the company, she manages to worm her way into their nasty company secrets by getting into emails and private conferences. (Loved it!)

After her former friends from Houston are killed in a massive pipeline explosion, due to her employer’s mistakes—she recruits her sidekick sister, Lucy (miss organic and bohemian who wants to save the earth). Tanzie learns to outsmart them all, and wins in her own brilliant way!

Of course, like most whistleblowers (I speak from experience), a company really doesn’t want to hear about the misdeeds, and accounting irregularities, as most of the executives are a part of the cover up, or they decide the brave ones coming forward with such information are labeled-problematic, and ultimately the hero or whistleblower is fired for some other bogus reason. The whistleblower has to gather as much information as possible in order to build a case while they have inside access, before they get caned, harassment begins, or the company begins deleting files, to cover their tracks.

Thank goodness The Bishop Group was a private company, not publicly traded, as I could definitely step in and help Tanzie. I find whistleblowing novels and corporate fraud (fiction or non-fiction), fascinating! I am about the underdog.

Even though this novel was leaning on the humorous side, due to the funky front cover, appealing to a wider audience; however, with a different more mysterious cover, this novel could really be an intense suspense drama  and corporate scandalous novel, as has much depth. I for one, love the details as a very analytical thinker.


Joanne Fox Phillips’ is an ideal author for this topic with an intensive background, as the director of internal audit for a midstream oil and gas company in Tulsa, Oklahoma; a CPA, certified internal auditor, and certified fraud examiner—offering great insights into the dynamics and internal tactics of corporate fraud.


I definitely look forward to more scandalous corporate suspense novels in the future from this talented author. Maybe a SOX one next?  Highly Recommend!  



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