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A Paris Apartment

A Paris Apartment - Michelle Gable



By:  Michelle Gable

ISBN-13: 9781250048738

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Publication date: 4/22/2014

Pages: 384

Format:  e-book 

My Rating:  5 Stars



A PARIS APARTMENT by Michelle Gable, a fantastic debut novel, making you yearn to return to beautiful Paris and all the French has to offer. From the inviting front cover, to its escape within the journals of the former owner, Marthe de Florian in the 1900s, and the engrossing mystery – A winner! 

April, works for the auction house Sotheby’s, as a continental furniture specialist, and travels to Paris to evaluate the contents of an apartment which has been vacant for over seventy years. She also wants to escape her own life and her marriage, which is in shambles (like the apartment). 

Instead of concentrating on the furnishings, she is obsessed with the discovery behind this charismatic woman, and the secrets she held. However, as April learns more about Marthe’s life, she has to take inventory of her own life and control.

With the help of a somewhat appealing solicitor, April begins to uncover the truth about the owner of the apartment, and why it has been kept locked for so many years. Alternating between Belle Epoch and modern day Paris, the novel is quite engaging for both readers of historical and contemporary fiction. 

You have to love dual narratives which cross time and generations. With April in the present, suffering from her husband’s infidelity and a bad marriage, and Marthe de Florian (1800s), orphaned with determination to rise above her status – both these women’s stories connect with complex relationships. 

What is not to love about alluring Paris? From the beautiful setting, French bakeries, croissants, fine wine, cheeses, coffees, crepes, champagne, art, history, culture, romance, and architecture . . . Inspired by true events, a delectable and engaging debut novel about two unforgettable and extraordinary (past and present) women, their struggles, and successes.

Having been a fan of Michelle Gable on Goodreads with her insightful reviews – her writing style is captivating, as reflective in the charming, A PARIS APARTMENT--an author you most definitely, will want to follow. 

Michelle, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website and front cover . . . STUNNING!  http://michellegable.com/

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/833736385