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A Single Breath

A Single Breath: A Novel - Lucy Clarke


By Lucy Clarke

ISBN: 1476750165

Publisher:  Touchstone 

Publication Date:  April 8th 2014 

Format: Audio

Pages: 320

My Rating:  4 Stars 



My first book by Lucy (audiobook) and fell in love with the narrators, Shaun Grindell (ah . . . his sexy voice - could listen to him all day and night) and sweet and soothing Fiona Hardingham. Highly recommend A Single Breath: audio version, as a gripping and suspenseful novel of secrets. 

Eva was in love with her husband Jackson, and thought she had it all until he dies in a tragic accident and she is left devastated and finds herself pregnant.

As she tries to deal with Jackson’s death, she travels to Tasmania to meet his estranged family; however, each day she learns more which begins to make her second guess her life with her husband. Did she really know him and was their life real? Was their life an entire lie? Who was this man? 

Jackson had many secrets, and a dark past which troubled him, covering up a tragic incident occurring when he was fifteen years old and continued blackmail, forcing him to make poor choices. 

As the book unfolds, hidden truths are uncovered bringing Eva closer to the truth, while being supported and loved by Jackson’s brother, Saul.


An intriguing and complex story which kept me company on a beautiful day hiking trip, while being transported to this beautiful and suspenseful cliffside setting. I look forward to reading more from this passionate author. 


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/895259906