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Sisters One Two Three

Sisters One, Two, Three - Nancy Star

By:  Nancy Star

ISBN:  9781503937468

Publisher: Lake Union 

Publication Date:  1/1/2017

Format: Paperback 

My Rating: 3 Stars


Nancy Star’s SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE is an intriguing and emotional mystery drama of dark family secrets.

Raising many questions, from why this family kept these secrets and struggles to when to reveal them. From memories, both true and false and versions of each – meet the Tangle family. The consequences of secrets and how they can harm.

A gripping family saga, a story of three sisters, Ginger, Mimi, and Callie. Moving back and forth in time, we are taken back to a tragic accident on Martha’s Vineyard.

If you ever wondered about your family secrets, you will appreciate both sides and why secrets can be toxic.

Ginger has kept a big secret from her daughter. Later, Ginger learns others have kept secrets from her. By keeping secrets are they protecting themselves or others? Desperation, fear, or love?

A brother’s accident, an event someone spent their entire adult life trying to pretend never happened.

From before and after, the author takes us from the 1970s to the present day. Secrets trickle down and harm others in many ways. Consequences.

When Glory dies, Callie returns home and piece by piece the secrets unravel. From mother, sisters, and daughters. With many parallels between the generations and the contrasts between holding on or letting go.

How do we become who we are in adulthood based on events of our past? Some are more profoundly changed than others.

From tragedy, loss, love, and family. The road to healing and forgiveness.

An ideal for book clubs and further discussions (guide included). Enjoyed the inspiration behind the book with the added conversation with the author. I always find hidden family secrets intriguing and often wonder about my own history and those of past generations.

For readers who enjoy complex family dramas and fans of Nancy Thayer and Elin Hilderbrand.

I listened to the audiobook, performed by my favorite, Cassandra Campbell 2016 Best Audio Narrator ), as well as the book review copy.

A special thank you to Lake Union and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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