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Blood Lines

Blood Lines: An absolutely gripping thriller that will have you hooked (Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series Book 5) - Angela Marsons
DI Kim Stone #5
ISBN: 9781786810984
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 11/4/2016
Format: Other
My Rating:  4 Stars


A special thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Angela Marsons continues with her popular DI Kim Stone seriess aeries with her fifth installment, BLOOD LINES —emotional filled; motivations behind a crime, its driving forces, and the continuation of the intense journey between Stone and the return of her nemesis, Dr. Alexandra Thorne.

Opening Prologue: Drake Hall Prison, Present Day. Dr. Alexandra Thorne and her cellmate Cassie. Alex blamed many for her life. She resented the fact no one had seen her value in her experiments. Given more time she would have been able to add a significant finding to the mental health community.

A special fascination with DI Stone. She begins writing to Kimmy.

The manipulative evil sociopath we met in Evil Gamesreturns! Kim had survived one battle with the evil Alex, and she was by no means sure she was capable, of doing it again.

Drake Hall provided accommodations for female munitions workers during WWII, then in the 1970s a male prison, and a female prison in the mid-seventies. In March of 2009, it has been designated from semi-open to closed. A pretty, relaxed environment. 345 inmates among the 15 houses.

Alex is controlling even behind bars. She was born without the ability to feel remorse. She could commit any act and feel no guilt. No form of attachment to another living thing. She had selected various patients to partake in her experiments, and they remained blissfully unaware.

Ruth Willis was her first. She had already taken DI Kim Stone to the edge of sanity once, and she was sure she could do it again. This time she knew which buttons to press and how hard. This time she would make no mistakes!

Alex had a way of reeling you in. From her beauty and charm. Ruth had begun to study psychology and manipulation in an effort to learn more about her own weakness and vulnerabilities. She still longed for those days back, even though she knew how evil Alex was.

Kim has to face down her past and at the same time, a web of lies and danger, while putting the pieces of the investigation together. From twists and turns, Kim is front and center.

Thank you, Angela, for continuing this journey with Kim and Alex, showing brilliantly the power of a true sociopath even when confined. Even from prison, Alex manages to affect the lives and control those around her and to filter over to Kim once again.

Also, fans will enjoy the relationship with Kim and her mother (MENTAL) In this jammed packed action suspense thriller. What a relationship! (Chilling and dark secrets). Also fun catching up with our favorite characters.

Cleverly written with a perfect mix of humor, psychological, suspense, and crime thriller--Marsons' continues to keep her fans enthralled with this ongoing exciting series! Looking forward to the next adventurous journey.

In addition to the reading copy, also listened to the audiobook narrated by Jan Cramer.


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