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When All the Girls Have Gone

When All The Girls Have Gone - Jayne Ann Krentz
ISBN:  9780399174490
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: 11/29/2016 
Format: Hardcover
My Rating:  5 Stars 


A special thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Jayne Ann Krentz delivers her "best yet" with her latest: WHEN ALL THE GIRLS HAVE GONE A rip-roaring good old fashioned, multi-layered complex cleverly crafted crime mystery thriller (with a twist of psychological suspense)!

A satisfying tightly wound page-turner of corruption, treachery and unending deception that will keep you intrigued to the final page.

Before I begin, have read many mixed reviews about this book. I am shaking my head, thinking, “Did we read the same book?" As many of you are aware (Goodreads friends and my blog followers)- I am not a fan of paranormal, romance, or a lot of women’s fiction.

However, I am an avid fan of mystery, suspense, crime, and psychological thrillers. With this in mind, there are a few select authors which write a mix of romance-suspense and do it extremely well:

Sandra Brown, Jayne Ann Krentz, Christina Dodd, and Tami Hoag.

They can flat out twist a knife in so many directions, making a reader "pay attention to every detail." You can be assured one element you read in the first part of the book, will someway brilliantly connect to several critical parts of the mystery, the further you go along. These types of books are the ones you go racing back to the parts which may not have made sense or connected early on.

When All the Girls Have Gone is a superb example of one brilliantly written twisted gritty, crime noir mystery. Every page is gripping, riveting, complex. I cannot even imagine the skill and art, it takes to weave such a complex web of deceit, multi-leveled story, "intricately plotted." There are so many pieces of the puzzle, and characters which ultimately will link. Be patient, it is worth the ride. This is not one of those books to rush through.

From old to new cases, and everything in between. Everyone is hiding secrets, dark pasts. From old grudges, past lovers, vigilante justice, blackmail, corruption, revenge, power, greed, betrayal, conspiracy, murder-So many elements which connect. Everyone has their own agenda. From numerous plot twists leading to stunning revelations and a nail-biting conclusion.

For me, this book was "top notch." I like to "work" a little when I read, or should I say,
"work for it." While reading, am thinking: What sets this book apart from the rest? As a reader you also are playing amateur sleuth in your own mind; trying to solve the mystery as well. When you read 400 books a year, you try and choose the ones which best suits your specific favorite reading type. It has to stand out.

The first time I began reading this one, was totally distracted by events going on around me. I knew this was going to be a book to savor, to read without distractions- there was much to be absorbed and a number of secondary characters. I am one which has to wrap my head around each one. So glad I started over, and the second time around was a totally different experience.

Krentz’s sweet spot, as she meticulously develops a stellar cast of characters, weaving them into a tension-filled ongoing mystery. The bad guys and girls are evil. They have two faces, which is even, more sinister. .

I hope we see more of this style. Was hooked. I did not even mind the romantic suspense since I loved Charlotte, and Max together and their relationship was not the main focus. I think there is more here to develop in future books with these two, even though it was not a cliffhanger. Especially Max and his family- a very intriguing past. Keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel. These characters are too good to end.

OK, here is a little about the book to entice you. Charlotte works at a retirement home. There are some fun characters here in a writing group. Charlotte has been dumped by the guy she was to marry. Her stepsister is a world traveler and has more of a glamorous lifestyle.

Charlotte is aware of a rape at college, in her stepsister’s past. However, she is not aware she has been seeking her own vigilante justice for years with a group of women in an investment club. Don’t let the title fool you. These women do have investments; however, they use their business resources with the shelters and seek revenge on the abusive men who have got away with their crimes. They were once a victim.

However, years later, when some of the women wind up being murdered, and a powerful man is murdered, the fallout begins. An evidence box is missing which threatens the first rape, plus you have the women, not knowing which one is in bed with the enemy, plus sins of the parents (more vigilante justice), working their own angle of revenge, and a bad cop.

Plus Charlotte’s stepsister, Jocelyn is missing, and some of the other women in the investment group are being murdered, and she tags up with Max, a former FBI profiler (now PI), hired by a member of the murdered gals' family. Who can she trust?

Max is a very interesting character I really enjoyed. Krentz’ portrayal of Max as a well-rounded character, adding depth to the fast-paced drama. She never leaves you dangling. Rest assured each end will be tied up eventually. Each path she takes you on is central to the investigation and storyline. It is the "journey" here, guys.

All in all, Krentz has delivered a non-stop high adrenaline fueled mystery suspense, keeping you glued to the pages dying to see how the pieces will all fit. Enjoyed it so much, also pre-ordered the audiobook, narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb, as well. Highly recommend! Great cover by the way.

Speaking of covers, have you seen Amanda Quick's (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz), The Girl Who Knew Too Much coming May 9, 2017? OMG, love this cover and the time period!. This one will be in line for the "best cover" of 2017. Add this to your TBR list. Am already salivating to hopefully receive an ARC- "Hollywood 1930’s"---this has my name written all over it!


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