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The Murder Game

The Murder Game - Catherine McKenzie writing as Julie Apple
ISBN: 9781534755895
Publisher: Lawsome Books
Publication Date: 11/1/2016  
Format: e-book 
My Rating: 3 Stars  


Julie Apple (AKA Catherine McKenzie) returns following Fractured (2016) where we met Julie Apple, with her bestselling novel--now featured in the clever twisty THE MURDER GAME, part legal drama, part thriller, and a perfect murder plan resurfaced.

Confused? Don’t be. First, read Fractured then circle back around and enjoy, TMG.


EW "Why Fractured author Catherine McKenzie wrote an entire book within a book."


Four friends make their way through law school, in the mid- nineties, learning the ins and outs of the criminal law system They plot the perfect murder. Ultimately later, becomes a reality. Facing the past.

With dual time frames that span twelve years, The Murder Game explores the powers of the unconscious mind with the history of a group of law students, and friends- planning the perfect murder.

Busy law students, tossing around possibilities for months. They would have breaks and would call one another for a rendezvous and set a topic of discussion. Poisoning, suicide, an accident – the perfect murder. Nothing was perfect. But you had to get away with it. Why not when you knew your way around the law, right?

Meet Meredith, Lily, Jonathan, and Julian, a group of friends who first met at McGill University Law School. They play a game where they each try to create the perfect murder.

Flash forward ten years, the son of a Montreal Canadian hockey player Nick Alan has been murdered in his sleep.

Meredith, now a prosecutor, has been assigned the case. The case seems straightforward. The alleged perpetrator has confessed and is in custody. But Meredith is shocked to find out that the perpetrator is her old friend Julian McCarthy and that Jonathan is defending him. Conflict of Interest?

The game becomes a reality. There are so many questions, doubts, who is guilty, who is innocent, who is involved?

Julian, is the accused and Lily is his girlfriend, and Jonathan Sayers, Meredith’s on and off boyfriend. Meredith was kind of an outsider of the group. Meredith never truly feels like she belongs in this group. The other three come from money and the lifestyle that it brings. Whenever it suits them they let her in. Their terms.

Nick had destroyed his chance at a great hockey career by overindulging in cocaine, hookers, and a toxic lifestyle until he was finally arrested for the sexual abuse of a young boy. Meredith had prosecuted that case and now it would seem that someone has taken justice into their own hands.

How did she know what would follow? Why does this seem familiar?

Sleepwalking . . .

Part One tells the story of the history of the friends back in law school in Montreal. Flashing back and forth, to present day from the college days. Part Two features the trial with Meredith, prosecutor, and Jonathan as the defense attorney representing Julian. There will be familiar circumstances—connecting the past with the present. Part Three ties it together with the closing arguments of the trial, sentencing and the final closing with a twist.

Would classify this as a cozy murder mystery/legal drama; not a deeply psychological or intense suspenseful legal thriller; however, it was a lot of fun; highly creative and twisty -connecting both books.

Those who enjoy the TV series: (available on Amazon) “How to Get Away with Murder” A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor, become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives—"will enjoy" THE MURDER GAME.

A special thank you to Lawsome Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


PS. Catherine/Julie, can we move to Canada with you if Trump wins tonight? It is looking very scary. Looks like you will have "plenty of company."


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