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Faultlines - Barbara Taylor Sissel

By:  Barbara Taylor Sissel 

ISBN: 9781503938915

Publisher: Lake Union 

Publication Date: 9/6/2016 

Format: Paperback 

My Rating: 4 Stars


A special thank you to Lake Union and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Nice Cover!

Barbara Taylor Sissel delivers an emotional, gripping domestic suspense, FAULTLINES –how hidden fault lines and secrets threaten families.

From teens to parents—betrayal, guilt, trust, blame, forgiveness.A character-driven tale of how the secrets we hold closest, are the ones that can most tear us apart.

A heartfelt, moving and cautionary tale, of the lasting effects of grief and betrayal amidst family bonds—and the healing powers of love, honesty, and acceptance.

Fault lines among relationships are potentially disruptive boundaries between what people perceive as incompatible or irreconcilable differences. What makes a previously harmonious relationship quake?

Told from two POV, two women, Sandy and Libby. Two women which may not have anything in common. However, they may be similar in many ways.

Sisters, Sandy and Jenna are close. However, one of their sons causes the death of another. A car accident. Drunk driving. There is a secret. How will they ever go back?

Jenna swore to keep Sandy’s secret many years ago. A sister’s bond. However, something happens and she spills the secret. Broken trust. Desperation. Choices. A marriage in trouble. Pain. Consequences. Forgiveness.

Teenagers in a drunk driving accident. Who is to blame? Families torn apart. A son, nephew, brother and friend.

Lives and families are tested in many ways, from friendships, parenting, marriages, sisters, wives and husbands. A sympathetic exploration of family, where the characters each grapple with life's challenges. The author renders each of them with compassion and understanding!

Heartfelt, heartbreaking, and ultimately an uplifting novel sure to start an important dialogue about the secrets we keep... and it could even save lives. The consequences of drinking and driving. How we can help others, before it is too late.

An ideal choice for book clubs and further discussions (a great reading group guide included).

Fault line: “A divisive issue or difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences.” A fault line is something that will divide you and lead to some serious issues in a marriage. Physical fault lines are located beneath the surface of the earth. So they are not easily noticed.

The only way a fault line can be recognized is by going deep. By looking below the surface. Cracks. This involves communication-before it is too late. As in an earthquake, it often “causes great destruction or upheaval.” Destruction or survival. (Thought-provoking)

Mixed with domestic suspense and crime—Fans of Amy Hatvany, Randy Susan Meyers, Barbara Claypole White and Diane Chamberlain will enjoy the powerful and complex highly charged topics of family. My first book by the author, and look forward to reading more!

In addition to the digital reading copy, also purchased the audiobook narrated by Donna Postel, for an engaging performance. I always enjoy Postel –narrator of Donna Ball, Ellen Meister, J. Carson Black’s books, among others.


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