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ISBN:  9781616205621
Publisher:  Algonquin Books
Publication Date: 6/7/2016 
Format: Hardcover 
My Rating: 3 Stars


A special thank you to Algonquin Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Gina Wohlsdorf delivers a shocking contemporary debut SECURITY, a quirky mix of mystery, dark humor, madness, and horror; in the theme of Stephen King’s The Shining and Hitchcock —what lies behind the luxury well-appointed hotel?

Safety. Luxury. Manderley.
The slogan that means whatever the prospective guest wants it to mean.

At Manderly Resort, time seems to stand still. Two miles of private California coastline await our guests. Forty-two acres of beautifully manicured grounds surround a lavish five-star hotel featuring 180 impeccably appointed rooms and 32 sumptuous suites. For the visitor craving the highest standards of comfort and privacy, two penthouses offer panoramic vistas of land and sea.

Our one-acre pool is a self-sustaining marvel that none but Mother Nature could have designed. Our cuisine is 100 percent organic, locally sourced, and prepared with loving care by a staff of master chefs. Our nonpareil personal service begins the moment you step into our sun-drenched lobby and discover the opulence of Manderley. With top-tier amenities and a staff dedicated to satisfying your every wish,you may relax I perfect seclusion.

Enjoy the musical rhythms of our six themed “after hours” bars, scuba dive and snorkel drive or night with a team of certified instructors, order from a personalized menu of in-room spa services nearly as varied as our selection of gourmet cuisine. Prepare to be embraced by luxury as you experience the freedom of maximum security and privacy.

Leave the madness of your life behind. Escape to Manderely.

-- The Destin Management Group

On the Santa Barbara beach, just visible from the Pacific Coast Highway an entrance to a grand resort, with opulent invitations arriving at the homes of LA’s elite for the upcoming grand opening. From ocean vistas and the utmost privacy and discretion. The background checks for employees are extensive.

Charles Destin, owner of Destin Management Group, owner of Manderley Resort is all about parties. Destin’s father was a diplomat who died in a hotel in Sierra Leone because a waiter agreed to take a contrabrand tray to Lamount Destin’s room. The tray had a bomb. Charles was notified of his father’s death. He was ten years old.

Tessa, the manager is busy trying to prepare for the Party of the Year, and short staffed. Her foster brother, (former boyfriend) Brian shows up suddenly after many years.

The Killer is in Room 717.

Donofrio Properties is the principal rival of Destin Management Group. Charles has long suspected Cameron Donofrio was infiltrating and sabotaging his properties. Was he paranoid?

Employees begin to disappear. Murder. The safest hotel? A sophisticated security system.

Who is watching? Are there rooms in Manderley Resort that do not have security cameras? Who will be killed next?

Video surveillance tells the story. Voyeurism. From horror, dark humor, creepy, gory, sex, and a twist of Gothic, a clever quirky tale to keep readers entertained who enjoy this sort of cat and mouse romp.

The strange narrator did not hook me and not a horror fan. Found it difficult to stay interested and rushing to get to the end. My take was like an unusual creepy quirky murder horror/slasher mystery, and would not classify as a thriller.

Even though I am a consultant for luxury hotels was excited with the summary; however, unfortunately, Security, did not quite grab me. However, may appeal to a certain group of readers.

The best part was the "hotel door" with the summary (quoted above).

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