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A LowCountry Wedding

A Lowcountry Wedding (Lowcountry Summer) - Mary Alice Monroe
Lowcountry Summer #4
Publisher: Simon & Schuster 
Publication Date: 5/3/2016 
Format: Audio 
My Rating:  5 Stars  


Master Storyteller, Mary Alice Monroe’s highly anticipated fourth installment of Lowcountry Summer series, A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDINGis full of excitement, family, and romance.

Readers were sad to see the trilogy end; however, delighted to see this additional installment return following The Summer’s End. #3 . And let me say, it is explosive! What a stunning front cover, MAM's own trademark style, and the nice media touch with the wedding giveaway promotion in Charleston. No place better in the world for a romantic wedding!

Brimming with Lowcountry Charleston charm, elegance, and history--of course, some added Emily Post proper tidbits, and social graces of the South, providing clear answers on a vast range of wedding and entertaining etiquette from one Southern grandmother, PLUS, a little British proper Debrett'srituals, social manners and characteristics from the England wealthy grandmother —making for a nice twist for their take on today’s modern woman. (love the generational mix).

Mixed with emotions, wedding plans, stresses, dresses, locations, homes, identities, independence, love, some juicy secrets, budding romances, a wise voice from the past, a lovable dolphin we fell for, a hidden manuscript, and one extra very special secret (GQ minister) visitor, which will change all their lives—Heartwarming, full of entertainment and lots of laughs!

In THE SUMMER GIRLS (Lowcountry Summer #1) we met three-half sisters (Carson, Harper, and Dora), as they find their way back to one another with the help of their loving and aging grandmother, Mamaw and side kick Lucille, the housekeeper.

The one link the deceased son/father Parker, an alcoholic whose actions still affect the lives of all today. Mamaw was about to sale the home and move into an assisted living, and she informs all the girls if they do not come home for the summer, she will cut them out of her will. She hopes she can talk them in to returning full time to the south and connect to their roots.

THE SUMMER WIND (Lowcountry Summer #2), we dig deeper into the emotional lives and challenges of the three grown step-sisters, from different walks of life, a grandmother, a wise housekeeper, and a charismatic dolphin who touches the lives of a troubled boy with autism, and his aunt.

THE SUMMERS END (Lowcountry Summer #3) brings a mixture of sadness and joy, tying up all loose ends, and reinvention. Lucille, Mamaw’s dear friend has passed on, and now Mamaw is lost without her. She knows Lucille would not like her mourning, having brought the girls to the island to get to know one another, and embrace their roots. She has more work to do.

Coming full circle, A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING (LowCountry Summer #4) Mamaw is living at Seabreeze on Sullivans' Island, SC and of course did not go to the assisted living facility, thanks to Harper. She has moved into the guest cottage. Now enters Emma Jean (Harper's grandmother) from England and she plans on moving in since their family estate has been sold. Lots of women!

The girls are here, finally and preparing for the upcoming wedding nuptials of Carson/Blake and Harper/Taylor. Dora (son Nate) is still dating (Delvin) with a lot of pressure of marriage and getting into her real estate career; however, needs some time after her horrible divorce from Cal.


One a beach seaside wedding at Wild Dunes, and the other, an old plantation style historic wedding at Legare Waring House. (BTW, both smashing venues). Neither girl is into the planning and leaving most of the details to the grandmothers, who love all the social graces and planning. Comfort of family and friends. Sharing of stories--better or worse. Dora is also hovering like a mother hen, and Atticus is a nice addition to the story.

In the midst of the planning, a deeper story, family ties and bonds- Atticus, the black good looking minister who will performing the ceremonies. A secret between he and Mamaw until after the wedding, unless they are discovered. From dresses, venues, pre-nuptial agreements, careers, drama, pregnancy, conflicts, loves, fears, laughs, and a revisit from the Delphine lovable dolphin.

If you have ever lived or worked in the LowCountry (it is mesmerizing) you know how special the culture, art, cuisine, nature, rich in history and its southern roots. Having worked with hotels in Charleston and the CVB, there is nothing like it. The atmosphere changes the minute you step in the historic downtown- I love Charleston!

With all Mary Alice Monroe’s stories, she is a master at skillfully weaving into her narrative, significant environmental topics, blending them into the lives of her flawed characters---as they mature, learn, and find healing and acceptance from life’s lessons and experiences. The real meaning of family and friends. One of my all- time favorite Southern authors for many years. 

Each book is unique with richly developed characters, connected to nature, ones you will not soon forget, even after the story ends. If you have not read Mary Alice Monroe, you are missing a rare treat. Each can be read as a standalone; however, recommend reading them all, to fully appreciate.

For fans of Southern authors: Patti Callahan Henry, Dorothea Benton Frank, Mary Kay Andrews, Wendy Wax, and Karen White.All my favorites!

Highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by the author,Mary Alice Monroe. Her voice was perfect for her own creation, with a winning performance! Listen Here

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