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Change of Scene

Change of Scene: A 100 Page Novella - Mary Kay Andrews

By:  Mary Kay Andrews

A Novella

ISBN:  9781250111791

Publisher: St Martin's Press 

Publication Date: 4/5/2016 

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars


A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Mary Kay Andrews combines her witty trademark southern style with CHANGE OF SCENE, a prequel to Beach Town (highly recommend), coming in paperback format, May 2016 with a sneak preview included- providing insights to the character, Greer Hennessy and what takes her from LA, to Florida’s Northwest Coastal area.

An inter-generational witty tale of three strong women--all with a Hollywood background:

A Feisty Grandmother: A Hollywood career, Dearie (Deidre)—eighty-seven, is still hanging on and gets kicked out of every nursing home. She is a non-conformist and does not follow rules. She is all about having fun. If they do not find her a new home, she will have to move in with daughter or granddaughter, Greer or Lise. Faced with long waiting lists, Lise says no to her apartment since she is doing phone sex. Greer lives in a one bedroom and her grandmother will not make the best housemate. Her grandmother wants in the Motion Picture Home.

An Independent Mother Lise, now too old for Hollywood acting gigs, has turned to phone sex in order to keep up her expensive lifestyle, and pay for keeping her mom in a home. After all, she was performing a valuable service—in her mind it was just another acting gig. Plus she is not herself and her daughter is worried. What secrets is she hiding? What about Cary Grant?

A Tenacious Granddaughter: Age thirty-six, a film location scout, Greer Hennessey was a city girl, born and raised in L.A. She could fake the seasons with spray paint and provide all kinds of movie magic, and props where needed. A talent scout-- her latest project has turned into a disaster. She was accustomed to dealing with difficult people; however, her gift was winning them over, persuading them that her way was the best way.


Greer, is now jobless—turning into one ugly mess, she had allowed herself to get conned on location, there was a fire, and now Hank was blaming her. Now on to the next location and job. Her career, her mom, and now her grandmother to worry about. Trying to find Dearie a place to call home, while trying to take care of finances.

Plus her mom wants her to look up her dad, Clint down in Florida Panhandle. She is looking for a small town beach, laid back location with palm trees, old motels, a pier, with a throw back feeling-- to shoot a film. Did her father even have any interest in reaching out to his daughter?

Three strong independent and funny women, fighting all odds and many life lessons. As always, Mary Kay Andrews has the best summer beach reads, drawing you to the coastal seaside with fun, mischief, and sass.

Highly recommend BEACH TOWN and just finished THE WEEKENDERS, one of her best, coming, May 17 (2016 Best Beach Cover)! Of course, I love books set in Florida and a long time fan of Mary Kay Andrews.

Every time I think of this location she is searching for, I think of Palm Beach County's—1920’s Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex, a throwback, recently renovated.

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