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The Total Package

The Total Package: A Novel: 3 - Stephanie Evanovich
ISBN: 0062234854
Publisher: William & Morrow
Publication Date:  3/15/2016
Format: Other
My Rating: 4 Stars 


Stephanie Evanovich returns following The Sweet Spot and Big Girl Panties, with THE TOTAL PACKAGE --Another witty, fun, and sexy chick-lit of second chances.

Tyson Palmer is all about women, he has the sex appeal, the looks, and the charm. A famous quarterback football hero---with a substance abuse problem. At his lowest, he has a mentor who has helped turn his life around and he is now focused on his game.


During this time, he meets this sexy reporter, but she does not give him the time of day. Little does he know she has changed her looks, and her name and they once had a past. She has lived her entire life for this day in order to get this man’s attention. Now, he does not seem to notice, or does he?

Dani Carr is a sports reporter and she knows the game and the stats. They have a past, once his tutor, and years later a one-night stand. She is beautiful, sexy, and smart. However, years ago not so much.

What will happen when he figures out she is from his past?

If you have read any of Stephanie Evanovich’s prior books, you can expect a lot of wit, sexy banter, an underdog, a hunk, a few surprises, some tough life lessons—and if you are lucky – a second chance.

Fans will enjoy some references to past characters, as well. I listened to the audiobook and Katie Schorr delivered an engaging performance. A light contemporary, charming fun-filled romance-- Evanovich knows how to spin a sassy tale, with some hilarious one-liners.

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