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The Beauty of the End

The Beauty of the End - Debbie Howells

By:  Debbie Howells

ISBN: 9781496705983

Publisher:  Kensington

Publication Date:  7/26/2016 

Format:  Hardcover

My Rating: 4 Stars


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A special thank you to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Debbie Howells returns following The Bones of You with a complex dark tale--a slow burning psychological domestic suspense connecting past and present. 

Noah receives a call from an old friend---Noah’s old girlfriend April Moon (The Goddess) supposedly killed a man. Her stepfather. The police are looking for witnesses. She cannot be guilty. She is unconscious. Suicide attempt? 

If April is a murder suspect, she needs a lawyer. He will help. 

From 1989, to 2016 there are memories of a girl, Noah’s first love, now defenseless—desperately needing a voice to speak for her. Someone who believes in her. A girl who left him before a wedding with no explanation. A guy who has never gotten over his love. . 

Noah Calaway, an ex-lawyer (now an author). Now, that April is in a coma and a possible suicide attempt, he is assured she is innocent. He dreamed (obsessed) they would live the rest of their lives together until she broke it off. 

Readers are also introduced to a teen, Ella with her own past. She is the same page as April when Noah first met her and she could be the key to solving the murder. Who is the real April? Can a goddess fall from grace? 

Has Noel turned a blind eye? A lost love. Ghost of the past. Haunting. Evil. Blackmail. Torture. Fear. Suffering. Dysfunction. Then there is Will. 

“We were butterflies. Some of you fly, the rest of us get our wings ripped off. My wings had gone before I knew you. And I’m not sure wingless butterflies have anywhere to go.”

The author slowly unravels the dark sad emotional mystery. With flawed damaged characters all the way around, a disturbing tale, from murder, rape, abuse, and unspeakable crimes. Emotionally complex—would not classify as a thriller, more of a domestic suspense. 


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