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Most Wanted

Most Wanted - Lisa Scottoline
ISBN: 9781250010131
Publisher: St. Martin's Press 
Publication Date: 4/12/2016
Format: Other 
My Rating  5 Stars ++


A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 5 Stars ++ Best Cover Love!

Lisa Scottoline's impressive MOST WANTED, is an emotional gripping mix of domestic suspense, action, drama, wit, mystery; psychological, crime, medical, and legal thriller --all rolled into one "killer" page-turner!  Top Books of 2016 List.

What would you do if you discovered the father of your child may be a sociopath?

Christine and Marcus Nilsson are having a baby. Due to Marcus shooting blanks, and many failed attempts at conceiving, the couple decide to go the sperm donor route, versus adoption. After much research, they decided on Donor # 3319 with a sperm bank. A promising medical student, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a terrific background. Perfect, right?

Her last day at school at her going away party--teacher, Christine sees a news broadcast of a serial killer who has been arrested for a series of murders--killing nurses. She thinks he looks similar to their donor's photo.

She becomes obsessed with learning the identity. She has to know. At first, Marcus is not concerned; however, the more they uncover, it could possibly be true. Marcus and Christine do not agree on the path to take, causing all sorts of conflicts, as things begin to spiral out of control. Tensions are high.

From hiring an attorney (loved Gary), to try and force --with a lawsuit (Homestead Bank), to uncover information as to the donor, to martial problems and stress between the couple. Marcus wants no part of a serial killer's child, and even mentions abortion. In the meantime, Christine is frantic, having just left her teaching job she loves to prepare for motherhood, and now this. Her life is falling apart. The baby, the husband, the life she dreamed of. Marcus is not acting like a supportive father.

She recruits her best friend and decides to take matters in her own hands. She does not have time to wait for legalities. She needs to know. Fearless, she will go straight to the maximum security prison to meet with the donor, and pretend she is a freelance reporter. She will not tell her husband---a girl's getaway. She will get answers, one away or another. Christine is one sharp cookie!

However, the trip delivers more than she expected. The serial killer, says he is innocent. This guy looks nothing like a killer. What happens next will lead Christine to turn to some major sleuthing--from becoming a paralegal, working with an eccentric lawyer, and a full crime investigator in the trenches (she could give Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum a little competition--especially with the "Ranger" connection) --too funny.

All the while pregnant, desperately seeking answers to prove if her donor is, or is not a serial killer. Without her husband's help or support. (loved her tenacity). Marcus feels threatened; from his own manly issues, and now his wife is running after a serial killer.

The mystery and suspense intensifies, with more complications surrounding the murder, where we meet a cast of secondary characters which add some wit and fun to balance the ongoing impending danger. All the while, a good looking serial killer is in prison, spinning more stories than you can imagine.

What is the truth and what is a lie?

There is so much evidence; however, Christine feels Zachary is innocent one minute, and guilty the next. The only way to prove it is to find the real killer, if indeed it is not him. When more people turn up dead, there is cause for alarm. She has to help. A copycat? Her husband thinks she has lost her mind. Christine is in danger of losing her husband, marriage, family, baby, and her life--- the closer she gets to the truth. Who is the real serial killer?

What a multi-layered complex, fast-paced enthralling whodunit! Ordinary people" caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Your head will be spinning.

MOST WANTED poses controversial, ethical and moral dilemmas, as well as highly charged contemporary legal domestic topics. No one does it better than Scottoline --From superb character and plot development, to a strong unstoppable female heroine--you will root for. With plenty of intensity, twists, and turns to keep you glued to the pages.

Readers will get a kick out of the "partners-in-crime" duo (Christine/Griff-lawyer) personalities; strongly reminding readers of the Oscar-winning tour de force “Erin Brockovich” (Julia Roberts) and Edward L. Masry (Albert Finney) team.

Lisa Scottoline's best yet! Fans and new readers are going to LOVE!

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