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Find Her

Find Her (D. D. Warren) - Lisa Gardner
Series: Detective D.D. Warren #8
ISBN: 9780525954576
Publisher:  Penguin/Dutton
Publication Date:  2/9/2016
Format: Hardcover 
My Rating: 5 Stars 


A special thank you to PENGUIN GROUP Dutton and NetGalley for ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Lisa Gardner shifts to the edgy dark side with female vigilante, taking center stage in FIND HER —(DD Warren #8) Flora Dane, a former kidnapping victim, turned survivor-- held in a coffin box by a sadistic monster for 472 days-- on a mission to save other victims from predators, holding on to an obsession of R E V E N G E, or something else?

A spine-tingling intense psychological crime thriller amid survivor/victim madness--an intense and emotional horror story--fans will love.

Seven years earlier, a college student Flora was kidnapped. Finally, free from her captor--her story was hardly private. 472 days locked in a coffin. A trucker with a penchant for crashing at cheap motels in small southern towns.

The press loved it. No aspect of her degradation, no salacious detail of her captivity was spared front-page glory. No one understands the horror she went though, and yet everyone knows her story. Her abduction hadn’t just victimized her, but her entire family, too. Major crimes are like cancer, they take over, demanding an entire family’s full resources. Her brother—social media expert. Her mother—victim advocates.

She is a survivor who has yet to figure out how to live. How many predators need to be killed, and potential victims to be saved in order to balance the scales?

Overnight her case became red-hot news and her family’s world exploded with it. She knows all about victim advocates. Once abducted by a crazed psychopath, and now she tracks them down at bars? Flora has made criminal behavior her specialty. Trap a predator? Save the day? Exact vengeance? A self-destructive freak? Self-defense enthusiast? An ice cold femme fatale? Four girls?

Jacob Ness, a sadistic trucker held her captive, with brutal conditions, coffin, and rape. He liked prostitutes. He liked his own sex slaves. A sex addict. A monster. A box in the back of his cab so he could keep his victim with him at all times.

Now she is back in Boston, prepared highly skilled self-defense, survival tricks, and equipped to fight back. A survivor who will not stay down. However, has the psychological damage turned into madness? Flora is on a mission to lure her dark predators and go for the kill. DESTROY.

A girl who once upon a time thought of the world as a shiny, happy place. Does the girl have her own FBI agent on a leash? Guilt stricken, traumatized; because they survived, or because of what they did in order to survive? "Take your pick—guilt is guilt. Living with it. Survival isn’t a destination. It’s a journey."

Flora and her FBI victim advocate, Samuel Keynes, meet with Homicide detective, D.D. Warren following the apprehension of a sexual predator lured to justice by Flora. A bartender. Predator. Mr. I Haven’t Seen You Around. Roid rage, steroid abuse, crime spree. A missing girl, Stacey Summers—A Boston college student who disappeared in August. She is following the case.

When Boston detective D. D. Warren is called to the scene of a crime—a dead man and the bound, naked woman who killed him—she learns that Flora has tangled with three other suspects since her return to society. Is Flora a victim or a vigilante?

Now Flora is missing and Stacey Summers. It is now up to DD Warren to find and save both women-- catch a killer that no one suspects. Will Flora be set free? No one wants to be a monster. Flora is flawed, courageous, frightened, and daring!

Raw, disturbing, compelling. DD Warren takes a back seat in this one, in order to let Flora shine. Well-written, taut, sharp; with a highly emotional impact—leaving you breathless and page-turning. A compelling tale of triumph in the face of adversity—the mental and physical horrors.

Powerful, heavy, gritty, scary- What it means to be a victim. Crime fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Unger, Linwood Barclay, and Paul Cleave will devour. To all survivors everything, talented Lisa Gardner dedicates FIND HER. Her best book yet! I think "dark and edgy" agrees with her.

If you enjoyed FIND HER, recommend Woman of the Dead byBerhnard Aichner. Edgy, wacky, evil, tense, wicked, suspenseful, and thoroughly creepy mystery crime psycho-thriller. "Female Vigilante Justice, at its finest!"



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