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The Word Game

The Word Game - Steena Holmes

By:  Steena Holmes

ISBN: 9781503949430

Publisher: Lake Union  

Publication Date: 11/3/2015

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: 3 Stars 


A special thank you to Lake Union and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Steena Holmes tackles a highly charged topic of sexual abuse with THE WORD GAME –as sisters must confront their painful past in order to help an innocent girl.

Alyson Ward is an overprotective mother of daughter Lyla. She allows a sleepover at her cousin’s house, knowing Tricia, her sister will keep her safe from harm’s way. Lyla returns home the next day with shocking news, which could tear the family apart. Alyson has things in her own past which urge her to keep a tight rein on her own daughter. However, the unspeakable happens. She believes her daughter.

From past family secrets and a past of sexual abuse. A mother who does not want to remember the past and a daughter who tries to be the strong. Drama filled and emotional, a novel of past secrets and lies. Hidden from sisters, which at the time seemed like a good idea; however, now not so much.

A thought-provoking exploration into relationships and family dynamics. Rape, sexual abuse, scars. Painful topics which need addressing. The admitting, coming forth about sexual abuse.

Many POVs--we hear from Alyson, Tricia, Myah, and the sister’s mother, Ida. Sexual abuse has been happening for years, and in times past, people kept it quiet, mothers in particular had little options. People are judgmental. When it comes to protecting your child, this is top priority.

A wake up call for parents of children, adolescents, and teens (boys and girls) . You cannot be too careful with brothers, step fathers, neighbors, boyfriends, and friends when your child is in another household visiting, even if it is for a few hours. Be aware. My son and his wife preach this constantly to my nine- year-old granddaughter. They are innocent and do not fully understand the evils of the world. Keep communication open. Secrets destroy.

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