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Whistling Women

Whistling Women - Kelly Romo

By:  Kelly Romo

ISBN:  9781503950887

Publisher: Lake Union 

Publication Date: 11/17/2015

Format: Hardcover 

My Rating:  3 Stars 

A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Kelly Romo delivers an emotional debut of two estranged sisters, WHISTLING WOMEN, complex relationships, choices, forgiveness, sacrifices, consequences, and family--in an era when women had limited choices.

The novel opens in 1935 in Northern California at the Sleepy Valley Nudist Colony where Addie is living. Providing a safe haven for her to hide from a crime.

Addie has read the letter so many times- a letter from her sister, Wavey. Now the residents are packing up to go on an exhibit at the 1935 world’s fair in San Diego. Her niece Rumor wants to meet her aunt and bring their family together; however, to do so, the women will have to face their past in order to move forward.

Sometimes there is a need for cracks in order for the light to get in.

When the parents die, Addie is sent to an orphan asylum. Later Wavey wants her to come and live with her family. Something happens which is the big mystery. The two sisters are separated, each taking a different turn. Addie belongs to a nudist colony; single, no children. Wavey has two daughters, Mary and Rumor.

Told thought the voices of Addie and Rumor, Whistling Women is an exploration into the values of family and sacrifices. Complex relationships between sisters and the power of love. Mary/Rumor and Addie/Wavey. Secrets bind and at the same time tear apart families.

A little slow at times; however, enjoyed the nudist colony intertwined with the Biblical, sin and wickedness, wit and history of the era.

"A whistling woman and a crowing hen never come to a very good end…or so the saying goes." Some think it means that these are traditionally considered unnatural and improper activities for females, and that females who perform them are unnatural and ill-omened. Everyone has their own interpretation.

There are a couple of interpretations for the saying itself --I like this one: "Be who you’re meant to be. In other words, march to your own beat or drummer. Rather than worrying what other people think of you—Live life as you see fit for YOU."

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