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365 Pocket Prayers for Women

365 Pocket Prayers for Women: Guidance and Wisdom for Each New Day - Amy E. Mason
Guidance and Wisdom for Each New Day
Amy E. Mason, Editor
ISBN:  9781414362908
Publisher:  Tyndale House 
Publication Date:  10/21/2015
Format:  Other
My Rating:  5 Stars

A special thank you to Tyndale House and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest.

What a beautiful packaged inspirational prayer book! 365 Pocket Prayers for Women: Guidance and Wisdom for Each New Day is a must for every woman, no matter your age or spiritual journey. Just viewing the cover and reading the words, will begin to reduce your stress.

The stunning front cover draws you in to a peaceful tranquil setting; a well-organized prayer book devotional to take with you wherever you go, on your tablet, to read digitally.

Easy to use, arranged by days, and topics. Every few days you will also find prayers called, Prayerful Moments. These are shorter prayers for days when time is limited or for when you need a quick word with God.

With 52 weeks, 365 days, a daily prayer guide and devotional. Revive Your Heart and Soul! It also includes a topical index (I love) and use this often, with a list of alphabetical topics with direct links to the respective pages, when you feel the need for an extra prayer or when a special lift is needed, from A – W.

Each day is only one page, and easily laid out. What a great way to start the day with your morning coffee; quiet time in conversation with God, or in the evening before you retire for the night, as you thank Him for the day.

Whether it is life demands, motherhood, relationships, disappointments, conflicts, a need to let go, loss, grief, challenges, confusion, criticism, crisis, decisions, burnout, to judging others, busyness, worry, temptation, or when you are overwhelmed, there is a special prayer and words of comfort. With a special scripture reading each day.

I love to use the book as a daily guide, as we never pray enough. Simply talking to God. We all need reminders: God wants our time, and he wants to hear from us; not our few minutes of rushed leftovers.

A book for any woman (young or old), student, wife, mother, grandmother, or professional. Whether you are a new or old Christian, or looking for a way to talk to God, or draw near to Him. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

This is not a "read once" book. This is a book you want to reference 365 days a year. By the end of the year you should be inspired to continue your conversations with God and feel closer to Him, as you continue your journey.

Highly recommend 365 Pocket Prayers for Women. Ideal for gift giving, especially for the holiday season, birthdays, or for any occasion.
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