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The Short Drop

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The Short Drop - Matthew FitzSimmons
The Gibson Vaughn Series #1
Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer 
Publication Date:  12/1/2015
Format: e-Book 
My Rating:  5 Stars 
A special thank you to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review (also a Kindle First Pick).  
My #1 Debut Novel of 2015!
Matthew FitzSimmons delivers a solid debut, THE SHORT DROP — crossing many genres: a riveting action crime thriller--psycho, political, techno, and mystery, packed with suspense and wit, hooking you from the first page to the last; an intense page-turner!

Based in Virginia, Gibson Vaughn (loved his character) a computer hacker, is in search of his childhood friend, Suzanne Lombard--the daughter of the American vice president. Her disappearance has haunted Gibson since he was a troubled teenager. Now, nearing the tenth anniversary of her death, he has been offered a chance to help solve the mystery.

George Abe, with a consulting group, who once worked for Lombard, is now working on his own and wants Gibson’s help. In addition, there is also an ex-CIA and an ex-LA police detective to make things even more interesting. Of course, there is also a professional hired killer always running in the background, and another person sending out clues.

Suzanne, well liked, an avid reader-- was only fourteen years old when she went missing. Even the $10MM reward (offered by godmother) was never claimed. All leads turned cold. While in high school he hacked into the Senator’s computer to bring down a conspiracy which proved costly for his entire family.

Gibson has a past, as his dad was Lombard’s right hand man and chief of staff. The children grew up together and spent time at each other homes. There is a history which ties into the storyline of the past, and Gibson becomes obsessed with drawing out the killer. Who kidnapped her, and is she still alive? While viewing old videos, he feels she was trying to leave him a clue.

WR8TH, the faceless guy who befriended Suzanne in a chat room before she vanished, has resurfaced online. However, nothing is as it appears. Gibson proves a hero, and one step ahead of his team. (loved his diner office).

From hidden dark secrets, politics, hangings, power, cover-ups, ruthless killers, hackers, a pedophile, chat rooms, danger, murder, betrayal, and a race against time chasing another hacker with clues to Gibson. From twists, turns, revenge, and past crimes to the present, with sophisticated technology and plenty of Wow factor!

I loved Gibson’s character, a father, and lover of his daughter and a supportive ex-wife. Cannot wait for the next book, and hope we hear more from this main man.

WOW, FitzSimmons can write--hard to believe this is a debut! If this is a debut, cannot wait to see what comes next. Fans of Daniel Palmer, Michael Connelly, and David Baldacci will enjoy this mix of complexity—a well-written plot; character-driven emotional suspense- political intrigue thriller. 

A fantastic Kindle First Pick. Would love to hear an audio version narrated by Peter Berkrot!
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