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Obsession Falls

Obsession Falls: Virtue Falls, Book 2 - Christina Dodd, January LaVoy, Macmillan Audio
Narrator: January LaVoy
Series: Virtue Falls, Book 2
ASIN: B0143D41OU
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Publication Date:  9/8/2015 
Format: Audio  
​My Rating: 4 Stars  
Christina Dodd returns with her taut suspense-filled Virtue Fallsseries, with OBSESSION FALLS where readers pick up with designer, and artist, Taylor Summers turned vacation rental concierge, to fugitive on the run— after witnessing a death threat to a young boy—she has to disappear--off the grid, and a deadly game of survival, revenge, and murder.

While Taylor is sketching in the mountains she witnesses two hired killers and a small boy. She distracts them, sacrifices herself, and hides out in a mountain cave. She discovers the town thinks she is responsible for the boy’s kidnapping.

Continuing to hide out, she must survive, while trying to contact the boy’s uncle, wealthy Kennedy. In the meantime, Kennedy is searching for her, and the hit men. All the while she is assumed dead. Kennedy never gives up.

She changes her name and reinvents herself the best way she can in order to survive in the brutal winter wilderness. She is able to survive with the help of her father who taught her survival skills as a child. From breaking into vacation homes, and odd catering jobs for food.

A clever twisted, dangerous game- The killer and the mysterious Kennedy track her down, for a twisty, fast-paced non-stop action thriller. Haunting and captivating at the same time.

A revenge plot. Two men. A finger. Intrigue. Violence. Non-stop action. A heroine. A hero. A villain. Danger. Mystery. Murder. Ruthless. Wicked. Humor. Sexual heat. Romantic suspense. Evil. A compelling gritty series of suspense, mystery, supernatural, drama, and intrigue.

Having read all the books, and the short stories in the Virtual Falls series, this time around, I purchased the audiobook, due to the narrator, January LaVoy (one of my top performers), which of course, added to the mind-blowing intensity with an outstanding performance.

Fans will enjoy catching up with familiar characters from the previous books, while anxiously awaiting next installment-coming back for more sizzle drama, and twists---from creative and talented Dodd! 


Christina Dodd & Jayne Ann Krentz Discuss Obsession Falls Audiobook 

Authors Christina Dodd and Jayne Ann Krentz sat down to discuss Christina’s latest novel, Obsession Falls. Listen below to hear more about the inspiration for Christina’s new book, the authors’ writing processes, and what’s coming next in the Virtue Falls series. Listen  



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