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Saving Sophie

Saving Sophie: A Novel - Ronald H. Balson
ISBN:  9781250065858
Publisher:  St Martin's Press
Publication Date:  9/15/2015
Format: Other
My Rating: 4 Stars 
A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Love the Cover!

Following Once We Were Brothers, Ronald H. Balson returns with another riveting page-turner, SAVING SOPHIE A child kidnapping, terrorist activity, ransom, and an embezzlement.

Chicago PI Liam Taggart and his fiancée, lawyer, Catherine investigate an act of embezzlement, plus more. A Jewish accountant Jack Somers, has been hiding in Hawaii after misdirecting $88 million—a business transaction, while trying to save his six year old daughter, Sophie. She has been kidnapped by his late wife’s Palestinian father—a suspected terrorist.

Jack is a partner with the prestigious Chicago law firm Jenkins & Fairchild, he marries, concert pianist Alina-- against the wishes of her father, Arif al-Zahani, a prominent Palestinian physician. After they marry and have a daughter, his wife suffers a sudden illness and dies.

The grandparents have not been active in Sophie’s life; however, after the death of their daughter, they fight for sole custody of her. They lose out; however, granted visitation rights. Then Sophie disappears.

Sommers, happens to be involved in a deal with one of his clients, and diverts $88 million of funds, while escaping under the radar to Hawaii. Now, he is on the run—from the feds, while in a race against time to rescue his daughter.

A man questions his faith, how God would take his wife, and destroy his family? What is His grand plan? His daughter has been stolen, and he has been reduced to a common thief. He has lost his self-respect and everything which is dear to his heart.

A complex story of a desperate father seeking to save his daughter. He will do anything to protect her. A compelling read, full of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Legal fans will also enjoy - From Chicago, Hawaii, to the Middle East.  A well-researched and fast-paced novel, and a courageous little girl caught in the crossfire. Where love proves to be stronger than hate.

With the author's own background as an attorney with a Chicago firm, and trial practice taking him into courts across the US, and internationally---his expertise, legal insights, and passion are reflective throughout the pages of his two extraordinary books.
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