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A House Divided

A House Divided - Robert Whitlow
ISBN:  9781401688882
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson--FICTION  
Publication Date:  8/4/2015 
Format: Paperback
My Rating:  3.5 Stars 
A special thank you to Thomas Nelson Fiction and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Southern attorney and storyteller, Robert Whitlow, author ofThe Confession, follows with HOUSE DIVIDED, a mix of family and legal drama, featuring a rural Georgia lawyer in trouble with an alcohol addiction.

Corbin Gage, age sixty-two years old, is damaged. He has been drinking for over forty years. Alcohol has ruined his marriage, and his family. He is no longer close to his family and puts himself at risk with spending time with his much loved grandson, Billy.

His grown children Ray and Roxie, are also attorneys and they hope and pray their dad will change his ways before it is too late. His personal life and professional life has suffered due to the bottle.

Corbin takes on a toxic tort case, on behalf of three boys who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to an alleged chemical exposure. The defendant, a fertilizer company, is the largest employer in the area. Because of the lawsuit, Ray’s is forced to work with his father. Roxy’s Atlanta expertise in complex litigation draws her into the drama.

The three have to work together for the good of the community and those innocent victims involved. Can Corbin stay strong enough to make it through the temptation, without a beer, or a shot of whiskey? Will he be able to face his demons while trying to save those in harm’s way; while at the same time, salvage his own family, and redeem himself?

As always, Whitlow delves into the lives of flawed characters, with everyday stresses and temptations. The strong bonds of family with an inspiring, powerful spiritual connection.Ultimately forgiveness, hope, and redemption.

A native of Charlotte, NC, having spent 20 years of my professional life in Atlanta, always enjoy the Atlanta and Georgia landmarks- revisiting familiar places.
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