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Killer Run

Killer Run (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 5) - Lynn Cahoon
ISBN: 9781601834171
Publisher: Kensington
Series:  Tourist Trap Mystery #5
Publication Date:  8/18/2015
Format:  e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
A special thank you to Kensington Book and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Lynn Cahoon returns with KILLER RUN (Tourist Trap Mystery Series #5), and the cozy town of South Cove where Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More finds herself in the middle of another crazy murder mystery.

Having read all the books in the series, it is always fun to catch up with familiar characters and some new ones. As the small town and local businesses come together for their B to B meetings, fun, friends, mischief, back stabbing, and mystery--this time there will be a 5k race, a fundraiser for their local preservation society.

Jill, is the liaison between the South Cove City Council and the business community, which means she is responsible for setting up the monthly meetings, publishing the meeting minutes on the website and any other crappy job the major decides to assign her. Sandra & Michael Ashford, owners of Promote Your Event, are overseeing the event; however, their marriage does not seem so friendly.

The Mission Walk gets complicated when a dead body is found, on the side of the trail, a husband turns to Jill to help out. Of course, Greg (the local detective and Jill’s boyfriend); does not like her messing in police business; however, she always seems to be front and center and puts herself in harms’ way, with her side kick, Jackie.

If there had not been a dead body on the path, Jill would have called this a successful first Mission Walk for South Cove. Jill and her aunt Jackie always seem to sniff out trouble and of course, land in the center of drama. All Jill wants to do is going on a vacation with her man, Greg and possibly become a PI. (she is well-equipped).

From romance, wit, affairs, murder, and small town politics, South Cove has it all for a cozy "curl up" autumn Tourist Trap Mystery series. If you want some light fun, enjoy eccentric characters, and a town full of mysteries, recommend catching up with the other books in the series.

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Look for Murder on Wheels #6,
coming 2/2/2016.
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