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My Very Best Friend

My Very Best Friend - Cathy Lamb

By:  Cathy Lamb

ISBN: 9780758295088
Publisher: Kensington Books
Publication Date: 7/28/2015 
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 4 Stars
A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Love the cover!

MY VERY BEST FRIEND by Cathy Lamb is a poignant tale of two women, filled with highly-charged topics and tragedy; mixed with humor, wit, romance, and ultimately a bond of strong friendship, love, and rediscovery.

Charlotte, age thirty-five, is an international bestselling romance writer, and lives off the coast of Washington on a quiet island, Whale Island. Her ninth book was released four months earlier and she goes by her pen name, Georgia Chandler--her mother was a southern belle.

Of course, Charlotte has no romance in her own life. Her late father, Quinn was Scottish. Some people call her a recluse, as she has enough in her life without people. Her publisher wants her to travel to promote her books, but she prefers to stay at home with her cats while she continues to love science. Now her mother wants her to go to Scotland to check on her cottage, fix it up and sell it. She has not been back in over twenty years—and she is afraid of flying, plus it is too painful.

Bridget is her best friend-she has not seen in twenty years; however, they still communicate by writing letters to one another up until the last few months. Bridget still lives in Scotland. Her brother is Toran and often she sends her letters through him.

Charlotte returns to Scotland and faced with the neglected house and irresistible garden—and is reunited with gorgeous, confident, Toran, (a hunk of a man), Bridget’s brother. Next to Bridget he had been her best friend, her first kiss and first love at fifteen. They shared a love of science, farming, gardening, and chess.

Now, Charlotte and Toran are frantic. Where is Bridget and what happened to her? Is Bridget the person Charlotte once knew? What led her down this painful path? Why hadn’t she told her about her life, per past?

Will these two women learn something about themselves and at the same time be there for one another through life’s trials and disappointments? Charlotte finds she has to be strong and protective on behalf of her friend, while she has been abused, molested, shunned and discriminated by others in the village. What a journey!

A powerful, emotional, and bittersweet novel of friendship, a connection, support, secrets, tragedy, forgiveness, humor and acceptance. REDISCOVERY, from master storyteller connecting past and present for a beautifully written and engaging read. Characters you will remember long after the book ends!
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