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Swerve - Vicki Pettersson
ISBN:  9781476798578
Publisher:  Gallery Books
Publication Date:  7/7/2015 
Format:  Hardcover
My Rating:  3 Stars 

A special thank you to Gallery Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Ghosts and demons, all around in Vicki Pettersson’s latest suspense horror thriller, SWERVE -- a road trip from past to present, keeping you holding your breath for a fast-paced, wild crazy twenty-four hour ride.

Kristine Rush, twenty-seven, a surgical physician’s assistant and her fiancé, ER surgeon Daniel Hawthorne, are making a quick getaway, driving in his Beemer from Las Vegas to Lake Arrowhead, California for the Fourth of July weekend holiday at the prestigious Hawthorne estate..

While driving, Daniel swerves at a construction cone in the road, and causes Kristine to spill her drink and soil her scrubs. He pulls over to so she can change, at a nearby rest area (these are so spooky and creepy at night)! As they are about to go in together, his phone rings, so she proceeds without him.

Kristine still sleeps with the light on and cannot make it through an average horror movie, and she is no fan of the dark. She thinks Daniel must still be talking to his mother on the phone. She is alone.

While in the stall, changing, she hears footsteps and thinks it is Daniel. However, it is not Daniel. A knife blade, a scream, and a black gloved hand reaches her and all turns black. She is bleeding, and she is unaware where the person is. Could he be waiting outside and what if he is not alone? She makes it to the car and Daniel is not there? Where is Daniel? There is a phone in the car?

His mother is calling. Surely he is in the men’s room. She has been attacked. A text comes through and she find herself staring at her own name in the sender’s box and in the body of the text, “Say good-bye. Now, or he dies.” Inside the building Daniel screams. The phone beeps again and says, “No police.” Get on the road, drive, or he dies. Now drive.” Now what?

A game of cat and mouse sending her through the desert into a nightmare, trying to find Daniel for the first half of the book and the second half trying to survive. Slowly the past is unraveled for pure horror, both past and present. "Take a ride on the dark crazy side."

It is very difficult to review SWERVE without giving away the second half with spoilers, so I will wrap up with, “not a solid complex psychological thriller, as I expected.” Twisted, violent, terrifying, horrifying, wacko, haunting, and scary enough to make me not want to stop at rest areas, with my return trip from NC to Florida next week!

For me it swerved a little too much, off course.
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