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No Place to Die

No Place to Die - Clare Donoghue, Imogen Church

By: Clare Donoghue

Narrator: Imogen Church

Series: Mike Lockyer, #2


Publisher: Audible Studios

Publication Date: 6/9/2015  

Format: Audio

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

NO PLACE TO DIE (Mike Lockyer #2) by Clare Donoghue, a complex, spine-tingling crime thriller, with a dynamic duo delving into chilling phobias and fears, for an intense cop procedural leaving you glued to this gripping suspense page-turner. 4.5 Stars - Nice cover.

Following Never Look Back (Mike Lockyer #1) where we met South East London Detective Mike Lockyer and his partner Detective Sergeant Jane Bennett, leaving Mike still shaken by the loss of a victim in their last murder case, while working on cold cases and attending mandatory counseling. With this installment, Jane takes the limelight.

Jane is heavily immersed in trying to juggle a number of cases, without her partner’s assistance in the beginning. A dead girl, Maggie from the university has been found in a tomb, under a London Greenway.

Then there is a retired ex-cop, and friend, Mark Leech who goes missing and a wife which is frantic and he may be injured. Could the two cases be related?

The parallel investigation into Mark’s disappearance uncovers details about his last unsolved murder case. Before retiring, he was obsessed with solving the murder of Amelia Reynolds, daughter of a close family friend. A connection is discovered to the same professor who is prime suspect in their current case.

An addictive read, with excellent character development, filled with emotion, graphic and vivid settings, and descriptions. The relationship between the Jane and Mike is fun, and tension-filled, as she does not need any distractions from her work and son, Peter. The thought of approaching forty is alarming and she feels guilt having less time to spend with her son. What really adds icing to the cake is Jane’s personal life, making her relatable, as a single mom balancing work and personal lives. Jane has an autistic son, and Mike has an autistic brother which bonds the two.

The audiobook was well done delivered by Imogen Church for a pleasant listening experience. Was so intrigued with the crime thriller, had to go back and purchase the first audiobook, Never Look Back (Mike Lockyer #1) currently reading; narrated by Karl Prekopp and Imogen Church. Recommend reading both.

A detective thriller with interesting forensics, and a twisted mysterious killer, with a psychological twist; keeping you in suspense with twists and turns, to the end. A must read series, for mystery, crime, cop and detective thriller fans. A new strong female crime writer- one to follow!.


Mike Lockyer, #1


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