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Dear Carolina

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Dear Carolina - Kristy Woodson Harvey
Publisher:  Penguin/Berkley
Publication Date:  5/5/2015 
Format:  e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
DEAR CAROLINA, a stunning southern and compelling debut of love and sacrifice by Kristy Woodson Harvey, of two mothers, one biological, one adoptive—with plenty of love to go around for one little girl, “You can never have too many people to love you.”

Frances “Khaki” Mason had it all with homes in both North Carolina and Manhattan. A successful interior designer, a loving husband, Graham and a son, Alex. She has the Best of two worlds (city and country). However, she has been unable to conceive a second time. They have tried everything and still coming up empty, very disappointed when they both wanted a house full of kids.

Jodi, is a 19-year old cousin of Grahams; an alcoholic, out of rehab, now pregnant, and a boyfriend long gone. She goes to Khaki for money for an abortion. Khaki, cannot believe here is a girl, who does not need to be pregnant, while she would give anything to be able to get pregnant. However, sometimes God just has other plans in mind. Adoption was not something she had ever thought about.

Speaking to baby Carolina in alternating chapters from voices of both Khaki and Jodi, with letters to their beloved daughter, from two totally different women, with one common interest – the best for their baby girl.

Written with southern charm, humor, compassion, and sensitivity, Dear Carolina will warm your heart. Being a Southern gal myself (native of NC), with clients in Charleston, SC, spending most of my adult career in Atlanta, GA, and South Florida being home for the last twelve years; I enjoyed the North Carolina/southern references, as Kristy knows her south, well. (would make a great gift for mother’s day).

An author to follow, she will be a big hit as a southern author, and enjoy her design blog, Design Chic, as an avid follower on social media.

I wanted to wait for the audiobook release; however, it is not currently out yet; however, enjoyed the Kindle e-book. Kristy, not sure who will be the narrator, but would love to hear January Lavoy - One of my favorite performers for southern fiction.

Well-done, a beautiful debut! Look forward to many more bestsellers to come.  The next Dorothea Benton Frank meets Emily Giffin! 



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