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Somebody I Used to Know

Somebody I Used to Know - David Bell
ISBN:  045147420
Publisher:  NAL/Penguin
Publication Date:  7/7/2015 
Format:  Other 
My Rating:  5 Stars  
A special thank you to PENGUIN GROUP Berkley/NAL and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Nice Cover!

Having read David Bell’s Cemetery Girl, The Hiding Place, and The Forgotten Girl, was thrilled to read an early reading copy ofSOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW, a suspense mystery thriller keeping you page-turning into the wee hours of the morning!

Nick Hansen is a social case worker (housing authority) helping those less fortunate find affordable housing. Nick is divorced, and was a stepdad to Andrew, his former wife Gina’s son. He is a lonely soul, grasping time with the boy, and lives alone with his dog (a hero). He has never gotten over the love of his life, Marissa (his first love), from his college days-- over twenty years earlier. She died in a campus fire and he still thinks of her yet today..

One evening, with a quick run to the nearby market, he is astounded when he runs into a young woman, who looks exactly like a younger version of Marissa. He is so shocked, as is the girl---dropping her milk and fleeing. Nick runs to try and catch up with her; however, she gets away. He cannot believe the resemblance to his former girlfriend. He cannot get the girl out of his head.

The next day he discovers the girl he saw in the market the previous night has been murdered in a nearby motel, and to make matters worse, in her pocket was a paper with his name and address! Of course, he has no clue; however, the cops are on his door stop wanting answers.

What comes next is a complex web of deceit, lies, and betrayal; a string of crimes centered around Marissa’s death, her sister, her family, and others all with hidden agendas; endless connections--- caught in the crossfire. Nick is obsessed and will stop at nothing to find answers.

Is Marissa alive? Why did her family fall off the face of the earth? Could this be Marissa’s daughter? Was she faithful to him or was there another guy involved? Can his friend Laura help him find answers?

Nick is a likable romantic soul; however, quite obsessed with Marissa (a lot); carrying his grief and unresolved issues, into his future failed relationships. He never had closure; not being able to grasp why she had broken up with him, when they were so in love--then her sudden death shortly thereafter, as well as her family's abrupt move and disappearance. However, some of the women in his life, not quite as nice.

I was traveling while reading, unfortunately with a lot of stopping and starting; dying to learn the identity of the killer-- pulling into Starbucks for a cozy seat and a Café Americano, for the satisfying grand finale!

David weaves a complex and intriguing plot with skill and finesse, keeping the intense high with twists and turns around every corner. A riveting tale, you could read in one sitting, as difficult to put down. An engaging and absorbing suspense mystery, not to miss ---Bell’s best work, thus far.



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