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A Week at the Lake

A Week at the Lake - Wendy Wax
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: 6/23/2015
Format: Other
My Rating: 3 Stars

Atlanta Southern author Wendy Wax, returns with her anticipated summer read, A WEEK AT THE LAKE, a story of estranged friendships, family, betrayal, and dark secrets.

Three women, best friends more than twenty years ago: Emma Michaels, Mackenzie Hayes, and Serena Stockton, spending their summers dreaming of the bright lights and future in New York City. They always spent a week together in the summer at the lake. Until their tradition was broken and their lives drifted apart. However, they were not forgotten.

Emma Michaels grew up among Hollywood royalty, a child actress. She divorced her parents at a young age and lived with her grandmother. The cottage at the lake was a special gathering place for Emma's friends, where they bonded each summer in Manhattan. She has not seen her friends in over five years and she has invited them to the lake to reunite, which is shocking to the others as they do not have a clue why the distance. Someone will have to confront their feelings, a betrayal. Emma needs her old friends. Someone has a secret.  A mistake. In order to heal their past friendship, they will need to reunite at the lake once again and decide if their friendship is worth the time and effort.

However, before she can come forward, she is in a terrible accident which prevents her from talking to the old friends. As they arrive in Manhattan, they discover Emma is in the hospital and her daughter, Zoe is waiting for them at the hospital. Flashing back and forth while Emma is in a coma, we learn about each character and their lives leading up to the present.

Mackenzie’s husband Adam is in LA with meetings about his screenplay. They have lived in Indiana and work with a small theatre, and she writes a blog about being married without children. She has made the best of her life, without a child. Adam was her life, while he acted in plays and she tried to break into fashion. (She seems very insecure).

Serena an actress, plays a cartoon character; however, she has experienced loss with her old love, Brooks and she currently is not making the wisest of choices. Did Brooks choose the safe route and will he come back into her life?

After all the secrets are unraveled, there are decisions to make as lives are involved. Can they get past the betrayal, heal, and move on?

I have read most all of Wendy Wax's books, a long-time fan, and a lover of her Ten Beach Road series (Florida settings, design, talented gals) ; so much fun, and hopefully the next in the series, coming soon!

I was hoping for more, with this book, as the front cover draws you in. However, my two least favorites, happen to be this one and While We Were Watching Downtown Abbey. The novel did not hold my attention, preferring the southeast settings- Wax’s strong suit. I did not feel particularly connected to any of the characters; seemed long and drawn out—possibly due to the narrator, Amy Rubinate, which I did not care for- an annoying voice-not a good fit. Recommend reading the book, not the audiobook.

Cannot wait for the next in the Ten Beach Road series!


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