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Second Life

Second Life: A Novel - S.J.  Watson
Publisher:  Harper Audio 
Publication Date:  6/9/2015 
Format: Audio 
My Rating: 3.5 Stars 
British S.J. Watson, returns after his debut Before I Go to Sleep, with SECOND LIFE, a complex psychological thriller and a tangled web of deceit. A woman who is living two lives, and may lose both. 

Julia, a recovering alcoholic and London photographer, a nice supportive husband, Hugh, a safe home life, and a mother of a teenage son, Connor. However, she is bored, an addictive personality, and always struggling with alcohol, which threatens her current life.

She is a troubled woman, after the death of her younger sister Kate, is murdered in Paris. She wants to solve the mystery behind her sister’s death, and needs answers. After the funeral she visits Anna, Kate’s flat mate. She informs her Kate was meeting men online for sex. Could it have been one of the strange men her sister met online, who murdered her? What was her sister involved in?

A complex story of a past relationship between two sisters, and the events leading up to the night of her death. Julie and Hugh adopted Kate’s son when she could not take care of him, only sixteen at the time. Julie and Hugh had not been able to have children, so a nice arrangement. However, before she died, she wanted her son returned. About the same time is when she is murdered in an alleyway in Paris.

Julia becomes obsessed with finding out who killed her sister and decides to use Kate’s online ID to the internet site, and begins chatting with strange men. With her addictive self-destructive personality, she gets pulled into a dark illicit world, and begins an affair with Lukas. When the affair spirals out of control she realizes she has put her current family in harm’s way, and may lose it all.

Slowly, readers learn more about Kate and Julia and the flatmate, Anna and their past. Julia has all sorts of suspicions as to the identity of the killer. Readers will not attain all the answers until the end, leaving you saying, "what happened, did I miss something?" Overall, the tale provided good exposure into the dangers of online connections with a twisted storyline, both intriguing and chilling.

Julia is not a likable character, and many times found myself frustrated by her behavior, wanting to fast-forward the audio past her part, as her troubled mind is spinning out of control.

The author controls the pace, starts slowly, building a gripping tale with twists and turns to keep you guessing. The audiobook was intense, and Susan Lyons maintains the psychological suspense, and does a good job with a character, not so likable. When listening to the audio, you are often unsure the person speaking, creating a little confusion, at times.

I thought I had read Before I Go to Sleep; however, realized I missed it. Currently listening, and look forward to comparing the books.

By the way, love, love S.J. Watson's website. A huge fan of black and the style is so chic and trendy!
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