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In the Unlikely Event

In the Unlikely Event - Judy Blume

By Judy Blume
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 6/2/2015
Format: Audio
My Rating: 4 Stars


Judy Blume returns with her adult novel IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT, as we revisit the fifties, with an event which changes the course of lives.
If you are from this era, you will appreciate some of conversations in the heart-warming novel.

At its novel's center is a real-life event occurring in Blume’s hometown of Elizabeth, NJ in the early 1950s, when three planes fell from the sky over a three month period.

Readers hear from a variety of characters, whose stories span generations, as each person tells a story, an experience, all affected by this experience. Bridging the gap from young to old.

In the Unlikely Event is more of a coming-of age story, as Blume focuses a young girl who is fifteen years old. Miri is the daughter of a single mother and along with her mother, stays with her uncle and grandmother under the same roof.

It was a little confusing listening to the audio with so many characters. Each are coping in different ways. During this time the characters experience grief, and of course life as it has to go on from friendship, insecurities, dreams, divorce, careers, estranged parents, and first loves.

A compelling read, of life changing events, stories, and secrets. For generations, Judy Blume has told stories, and a nice tribute for all the generations of readers and listeners. A solid adult novel full of depth and humanity. I listened to the audiobook, and as always, Kathleen McInerney delivers a pleasant performance.

Source: http://www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!In-the-Unlikely-Event/cmoa/556b51970cf235f81968ba1b