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The President's Shadow

The President's Shadow - Brad Meltzer
Series: Beecher White, #3 
ISBN:  9780446553933
Publisher: Grand Central 
Publication Date:  6/16/2015 
Format:  Hardcover 
My Rating:  4 Stars  
A special thank you to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Washingtonian, now Floridan, Brad Meltzer returns with a riveting historical fiction suspense conspiracy thriller with THE PRESIDENT’S SHADOW (Beecher White #3). Beecher’s investigation takes him back to one of the country’s greatest secrets which may be connected to his own family history. A complex novel of power, intrigue, and the emotional pull of family, and the underbelly of the government's darkest hidden secrets.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Mark Twain

Every President has secrets and so does the First Lady. After she finds a severed arm in the White House rose garden, Beecher White is called in to consult by President Orson Wallace. White is a member of Culper Ring, a group founded by George Washington to protect the presidency, with only six members. Beecher and Wallace have a former relationship, as he once saved Wallace’s life.

Washington, DC based, Beecher White thrives on hidden secret stories and lies. He specializes in people’s secrets. Top Secret. Since he works in the National Archives, he finds these stories for a living, and most of them are family stories. When people search for family, they are really searching for themselves.

Beecher agrees to help especially when he learns the dead man’s hand was clutching a flattened penny, and could be a link to the mysterious death many years before of none other than Beecher’s father. Beecher’s father was a mechanic in the Army. He was told his dad died when he was a baby in a car crash on a bridge.

Now he finds there was no bridge or a car accident and a handwritten letter his dad wrote a week after his supposed death. He has no clue the real truth. The one thing he cannot stop thinking about: You do not cover up someone’s death unless there is a reason to cover it up. Why would the White House request the military files that hold information of his dead father?

Meltzer's protagonist, Beecher will keep fans page-turning into the night, with edge-of-your seat, fast paced gripping suspense mixed with history, politics, drama, and dark hidden secrets, leaving readers anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

I enjoyed reading the acknowledgements from the author, and the author’s personal experience, as well as the assistance of President George H. W. Bush and First Ladies Barbara and Laura Bush, as well as others named with special inspiration, thanks, and gratitude.

A well-researched, fascinating political thriller with twists and turns, for an action-filled engaging roller coaster ride! Fans of David Baldacci will devour, as well as history buffs, and lovers of skillful and clever blending of past and present, with historical fact and fiction. Looking forward to the next in the series./i> Got to love our Floridan authors!
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