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Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her - Kimberly McCreight

By Kimberly McCreight

ISBN: 0062225464

Publisher: Harper

Publication Date:  4/14/2015 

Format:  Audio

My Rating:  4 Stars


Kimberly McCreight, delivers a multi-layered suspense, psychological crime mystery thriller, WHERE THEY FOUND HER; leaving you page-turning into the night to discover the devastating secret of the lives connected to these dark secrets.

Set in an idyllic small suburban town of Ridgedale, NJ, we hear from different women with a multi-generational perspective.

Molly is a freelance journalist, and lives with her professor husband Justin and five year old daughter, Ella. Molly is assigned the story of a newborn discovered dead by Essex Bridge, adjacent to the college. This happens to be an emotional time for Molly as she lost her own baby two year earlier, while slipping into a deep depression. Justin does not like her bringing up old wounds by working on the story.

We also hear the recorded psychiatric sessions, and parts of a therapy journal, and published articles for the local paper. But when Molly discovers that the victim in the river is a newborn girl, Molly is forced to confront the haunting pain of her own baby's death; in the process, she uncovers dirty secrets about a town that strives to maintain its idealized image and some are too close for comfort.

In the meantime, we hear from two other characters: Sandy, is a high school drop out with a wacko crazy mom, Jenna, who vanishes and Barbara, PTA President and perfect mom of kindergarten classmate of Ella’s, Cole who is exhibiting troubling behavior. Barbara is completely obsessed with controlling her husband who is a cop and her kids.

There is quite the complex relationship between two teenage girls from different sides of the tracks. At sixteen, Sandy is more mature than her wild mother, Jenna, who brings men in and out of the house with drugs and sex constantly.After dropping out of school to help earn money for rent, Sandy is trying to get her GED diploma with the help of tutor Hannah Carlson, a high school senior whose is totally different. She is the daughter of Ridgedale's police chief, and a demanding mother, Hannah.

The more Molly digs into the town’s background, the parentage of the baby threatens to tear the town apart. We continue hearing from Molly, Barbara, and Sandy and how these lives become intertwined for a suspenseful climatic ending, as dark secrets come to the surface from one generation to another. Who is the unidentified newborn girl is found in the woods near the college campus? The more she digs she uncover decades old secrets which have been buried, including sexual assaults.

While listening to the audiobook , it gets a little confusing at first with the introduction of different characters. While I thought the book was suspenseful and well-written, it was narrated by: Tavia Gilbert, Lauren Fortgang, Rachel F. Hirsch, Therese Plummer and one of the girl’s voice was rater annoying, and distracting; found myself constantly fast forwarding over her part. Would recommend reading versus listening.

Source: http://www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!Where-They-Found-Her/cmoa/553da1980cf21fee134b38a7