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The Secret Wisdom of the Earth

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth - Christopher Scotton

By Christopher Scotton  

ISBN: Grand Central Publishing

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: 1/06/2015 

Format:  Audio

My Rating:  5 Stars 


THE SECRET WISDOM OF THE EARTH by talented Christopher Scotton, is a highly recommended compelling, multi-layered coming-of-age epic debut, crossing many genres.

A deeply-moving story, with a powerful voice of adult Kevin, main protagonist, telling his story--with a "heart of gold", and as big as the mountains; matched perfectly by audio narrator,Robert Petkoff, delivering an award-winning performance! This southern classic is a "must read" and guaranteed to win your heart.

Set in Kentucky in the 1980s, after the horrific death of Kevin’s younger brother, now 14 years old, he moves with his distraught mother to the rural Kentucky home of his grandfather. It is here he meets a local boy Buzzy and they two become friends; introducing him to all things the rural mountain area has to offer, from fishing, hunting, and country living.

However, what he does find is troubling, making him confused. The people are backward thinking, narrow minded, filled with hate, rage, racists, and bigotry. This pair slowly is drawn into the local politics of the good ole’ boys at the heights of the coal mountaintop removal mining in the rural Appalachia Mountains, and the death of a local gay guy, (and much loved citizen).

A small town mix of good and evil; from witty, humorous, rednecks, hillbillies, racists, activists, gays, bigots, and those without education and forward thinking—a murderer. A variety of viewpoints, in one small town --spells TROUBLE.

An emotional and heartfelt journey of a grandfather and grandson. Pops, Kevin’s grandfather, a veterinarian and a mentor for Kevin introducing him to a world he knows nothing of, along with his friend, Buz. With an array of characters from Boyd’s Mining (who is trying to buy up the land from locals),Paul, the local hairdresser (loved him), and environmental activists, for a fight which escalates, becoming personal and dangerous with a brutal murder. With many hard lessons, a young troubled boy, learns wisdom, tolerance, beauty, hope, and courage; in a world of ugliness, devastation, and hatred.

From the vivid settings, descriptions of the land, mountains, and nature combined with beautiful narrative, Scotton delivers an extraordinary tale which will remain with you long after the book ends

A gifted new author with a "winner out of the gate," takes readers on a journey of "human compassion, resilience, redemption, and the power of family.” An author I look forward to following for years to come!


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1169329579