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Once Upon a Lie

Once Upon a Lie - Maggie Barbieri

By: Maggie Barbieri

Series:  (Maeve Colon #1).

ISBN:  1250011671

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Publication Date: 12/10/2013

Format: Audio

My Rating: 4 Stars


When reading an advanced reading copy of upcoming Lies That Bind (Maeve Conlon #2) Feb 17, 2015, by Maggie Barbieri, was so curious about the characters, and the intriguing back story, I immediately stopped the second book to purchase Once Upon a Lie (Maeve Colon #1).

Maeve is no ordinary woman. She knows pain and suffering. Currently her life is in constant chaos. The Comfort Zone, her bakery is barely surviving, her ex-husband, Cal and younger wife have a new baby, trying to balance home and work with two daughters, her father has Alzheimer’s and each passing day, slowly fading, and her evil cousin, Sean is dead (yeah, let’s celebrate). And she manages to keep her wit (she is hilarious), and her friendship with fellow employee and friend, Jo (kinda ditsy, divorced and cancer survivor) wants to speed date and get back on the horse.

Her father, Jack, a former cop, is a suspect in the murder, and currently living in an assisted living home love him, as full of dark humor with his friends and funny one liners. Some days he remembers, and some now. Is this for real or just a show?

Edgy! The audiobook was both witty and intense. Maggie Barbieri is an author I will be adding to my favorite list - love her style. The narrator, Kathleen Mary Carthy delivered an outstanding performance with her dark and mysterious sarcastic humor, keeping me entertained for hours.

Once Upon a Lie (Maeve Colon #1) is not a cozy simple mystery, it is engrossing, suspenseful, and complex keeping you on the “edge of your seat”, turning the pages to learn the fate of this colorful and eccentric cast of characters.

Loving this newfound author and cannot wait to get back to Lies That Bind (Maeve Conlon #2). An intriguing series of family, friendships, and lies . . Read them both, highly recommend!



 Lies That Bind

(Maeve Conlon #2) Feb 17, 2015