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But God

But God: Changes Everything - Herbert Cooper

Changes Everything

By: Herbert Cooper
ISBN: 9780310338925
Publisher: Zondervan Non-Fiction
Publication Date: 01/06/2015
Format: Other
My Rating: 3.5 Stars 


A special thank you to Zondervan and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Herbert Cooper delivers an eye-opening story of his personal journey with BUT GOD. How God transformed his life, showing up in the middle of a desperate situation, offering hope, love and forgiveness.

During his youth, Herbert Cooper was headed down a very different road, living a reckless lifestyle that would have destroyed him in the end, but God had a different plan. There was alcoholism and abuse, and parent’s divorce which shattered his world. He felt angry, confused, isolated, and lonely—devoting his life to sports, especially football. However, he was unhappy.

Cooper tells his own story of pain and redemption in BUT GOD.  As he reiterates, we all have to admit we need God. We have to acknowledge our fear, unhappiness, and loneliness, and recognize that we are lost.

The “But God moments” are when God comes in and offers a new path and hope for our lives. These moments occur when we are at are lowest, and turn our down-trodden worlds around for the better. It is up to us to recognize and seize these moments when they occur and follow the renewed path God offers.

In each case, it’s the difference between a human perspective and God’s viewpoint. What looks impossible to us becomes not only possible but easy for God. When you have a “but God” moment in your life, what follows that moment will be drastically different from what came before it.

Sometimes God intervenes and everything literally changes in a single moment. Other “But God” transformations occur over time – days, weeks, months, even years and require ongoing faith as God fulfills his promise.

Sometimes God meets us in a dramatic revelations and we experience a “but god” moment instantly. Other times we simply experience the quiet assurance of His presence, protection, and provision during difficulties and challenging seasons of life.


Often we don’t even see God’s intervention until we look back. In hindsight, we see how God showed up, sustained us, helped us, healed us, directed us, led us, and provided for us. The change possibly does not occur overnight, but God definitely shows up and transforms our situation and draws us closer to him in the process.

We all get to a point where our lives have to change and sometimes we rarely see beyond our immediate circumstances to envision a solution. Especially when we are at our lowest and have nowhere else to turn. At this point we cannot imagine anything positive ever coming from what we are currently facing. But no matter how bleak, boring or bitter your life may seem right now, your story is not over yet.

Herbert heard the gospel at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting, at which he was not even supposed to be in attendance; he gave his life to Christ. Two words changed Cooper’s life: But God. No matter if it happens instantly or takes years to recognize a “but God” experience changes everything!

An honest testimony filled with compassion, scriptures, parables, prayer support, and inspiration for all ages and faiths.


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