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An Unexpected Frost

An Unexpected Frost (The Tucker Series Book 2) - David Johnson

By David Johnson
Series: Tucker Series #2
ISBN: 9781477827056
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publication Date: 12/9/2014
Format: Other
My Rating: 5 Stars


A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Master storyteller, David Johnson returns with the second installment AN UNEXPECTED FROST, for a riveting and emotional story of faith, love and forgiveness.

Meeting Tucker in Book One, with TUCKER’S WAY, readers learn the pain, suffering, and tragedy she has encountered in her life. However, an unexpected angel, Ella was sent her way; A neighbor, friend, and woman she grows to love and respect. Two opposites learn from another. Now this beloved friend’s cancer is back and it is Tucker’s turn to help her, to the bitter end and grant her wishes. In addition, April is still fragile, March goes missing, and Tucker is in jeopardy of losing her home, due to unpaid property taxes, and no more land to sell.

With the help of good friend Smiley Carter, Tucker, April, and August they all come together to say their good-byes, while at the same time unexpected gifts are granted for a heartwarming and inspirational story which will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

If any of you have read my review of Tucker’s Way, you will realize my excitement of this series. I will reiterate, David Johnson has a gift, as he reaches down and grabs you by the heart and speaks through his flawed characters, as they come alive on the page, and they soon become your best friend as you care about their everyday lives and future.

As I mentioned in my previous review, if you are a fan of Tyler Perry’s Madea, you will love David Johnson’s main character, Tucker—as despite the rough exterior, they stand up for what is right; however, they they also have a nurturing side. Both characters offer humor and wit, mixed with the tragedy and loss. Best of all an inspiring takeaway for a thought-provoking message for us all. In order to live our life, we must forgive those who have hurt us, in order to move on. (the tree analogy was amazing).

The poem written by August to Ella was poignant and bittersweet, and be sure and have some Kleenex handy. Johnson has been added to my favorite author list, and look forward to reading the remainder of the books in this incredible series. (I can envision Tucker in the purple dress).

His vast background is again reflective throughout the pages ofAN UNEXPECTED FROST, a wonderful gift of writing, and have already started on Book 3, APRIL’S RAIN. After Book 4, let’s hope there will be a Book 5 for August. I cannot say enough about this author and series, thank you for telling this remarkable story, and hope to see a movie or series forthcoming. Another 5 Star winner!


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