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Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences (Help Innocent Prisoners Project) - Marti Green, Tanya Eby

Series:  Help Innocent Prisoners Project #1

By: Marti Green

ISBN: 1480585203

Publisher: Brillance Audio 

Publication Date:  01/28/2014 

Format: Audio

My Rating:  4 Stars


Marti Green’s UNITENDED CONSEQUENCES (Help Innocent Prisoners Project #1), a riveting and emotional journey of one man’s sacrifice to save his daughter, and a flawed criminal justice system, of murder, and corruption for page-turner legal crime thriller.


Attorney Dani Trumball, is an Ivy League trained lawyer devoted both to seeking justice for the wrongly convicted and to her husband and son. A driven attorney defending the wrongfully imprisoned at the non-profit Help Innocent Prisoners Project (HIPP)— Dani is one tough cookie, fighting to help those who cannot help themselves, with tenacity and determination, overcoming insurmountable obstacles in a world of poor health care, legal injustice, corruption, greed, and politics.


Dani feels compelled to take on a case of a man on death row, nearing execution, and after receiving a note requesting help—she thinks he may be innocent and is in a race against time to overturn the sentence.


George Calhoun claims he did not kill his four year old daughter, Angelina and has been in prison serving his sentence for over nineteen years, within six weeks of his execution. The body of a young girl was found burned beyond recognition and buried in the woods. 


Even though there was no evidence, his wife testified against him at the trial and was convicted. Many questions surface as to why does he now want to clear his name after nineteen years? Why did the wife testify against him and how does he know this is not his daughter; if not, whose body was buried and where is his daughter?


What happens next is a complicated and complex web of deceit and lies with two different stories connecting for an explosive conclusion. (Nothing is as it appears). Green delivers a heart-pounding page turner, leaving you glued to the pages, as you learn the fate and motives of all the characters involved in this heartfelt saga.


Those who enjoy courtroom drama, tough challenges and obstacles as one strong female attorney fights the system against all odds, in order to deliver justice. I listened to the audio book narrated by Tanya Eby for a suspenseful performance.


Green keeps you guessing the identity of the killer for a suspenseful and intriguing drama. Would recommend reading her latest book, Presumption of Guilt (11/4/2014for a continuation of tenacious Dani Trumball with book two in the Help Innocent Prisoners Project (HIPP) as she battles legal injustice and corruption, coming to the defense of the innocent.


Presumption of Guilt  11/4/2014 

Help Innocent Prisoners Project #2




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