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The Look of Love

The Look of Love: A Novel - Sarah Jio

By Sarah Jio
ISBN: 9780142180532
Publisher: Penguin Books-Plume
Publication Date: 11/25/2014
My Rating: 5 Stars


A special thank you to Penguin Group Plume and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Sarah Jio, the queen of historical fiction, brings a mix of warm Christmas cheer, a mysterious and special rare gift of love, handed down from the past, and a bit of magical contemporary romance for lovers of whimsical and chicklit with, LOOKING FOR LOVE.


Ah . .what is not to love with this stunning Parisian glamorous front cover charmer? Hats off to the designer.


OK gals, having read all Jio's books, this is for all of my blog followers, hating it when I say, “Review coming, closer to pub date.” When I read an ARC, I try not to post a review too far in advance, as I get carried away and do not want to give away any of the delicious tidbits.  However, today, have received requests wanting more about this much talked about book, as creating some buzz. There are many Sarah Jio fans out there, ready to hit the pre-order button—so will offer you a few tantalizing details, and more to come. Yes, I recommend. No, you will not be disappointed. Yes, you need to pre-order! A story for all ages; old and young.


Jane is single, born on Christmas day, and inherited a flower shop in Seattle in Pike Place (love this area). She is pretty happy being single, has friends, her business and her golden retriever, Sam (oh, do I love goldens. My much loved, Duke was the joy of my life for 15 yrs., in doggy heaven now). Appears Sarah, the author has a golden, as well.


As Jane is preparing for the upcoming holidays, and her twenty-ninth birthday, she receives a mysterious note with an address, to meet this person, a woman. She was given a gift at birth, and in order to find love, she must identify the six types of love before her thirtieth birthday and complete the task.


Totally enchanting, the story takes readers on a journey, into the homes and lives of Jane's friends and acquaintances; young and old, married, single, her parents, a stranger, and a woman who started this rare gift in Paris many years ago.


An inside view of couples in marriages where one may be wanting more, when everything is not as it appears, a woman seeking a man, when she needs to find fulfillment from herself, and older couple looking for love in their golden age after losing a loved one, a single bachelor, brother looking for love in all the wrong places, and a look into Jane’s own love life. Can she find love and learn to trust?


LOOKING FOR LOVE offers much depth into relationships, real love, infatuation, and old fashioned romance, as well as self-discovery mixed with whimsical mystic. As always, Sarah Jio's writing is magical, with intriguing prose, drawing you into this beautiful and captivating story of love to warm hearts, offering some early Christmas holiday spirit! 


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/901042457