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Winter Street

Winter Street - Elin Hilderbrand

By Elin Hilderbrand 

ISBN 1748955015

Publisher: Little Brown & Company

Publication Date:  10/14/2014 

Format:  Other

My Rating:  2.5 Stars


Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street is a story of the highly dysfunctional Quinn family, a family of four children, coming home for Christmas in Nantucket in a non-traditional way. 


Rather than summarizing the story, want to get straight away to the issues. Since I have been in the hotel business most of my career, a former innkeeper, and a consultant for boutique hotels and inns, and business planning for investment vacation real estate properties, was hoping for a heartwarming story with interesting characters coming to the inn (as always a story there), as this was the main reason for buying the audiobook, as my favorite guests are European travelers. Donna Ball's books and The Ladybug Farm series--a perfect example of good B&B stories.


However, there was not much about the inn operations, or guests, as the book was focused on this family and all their drama and problems, without a lot of depth nor interesting characters. It started out a little funny; however, sadly disappointed. I gave her last book 2 stars, and pushing it with a 2.5 stars this time, just because it is Christmas and is set in Nantucket.


Having read all sixteen of Hilderbrand’s books, as loved her older books, as checked back on Goodreads as to when this began to change. Either my reading interests have drastically changed (which could be), or she has completely changed her style, since around 2010, starting with The Island and downhill since. The good ones are from 2002-2009 (please go back to this). I keep reading thinking it will go back to the old ways; however, her books are no longer captivating me or grabbing me, nor am I invested in any of the characters. (I did enjoy her last two short novellas).


I will give 2015 one more shot before closing this door. If you like more of a soap opera drama, you may enjoy; however, I enjoy more substance and complex plot planning. On a side note, I am sensing a little of the same with Nancy Thayer, another Nantucket author, as have read all her books, as well and not the same over the last few years; and both started around the same time with the change.


If you are one of the older fans, you may be able to relate as have seen a few other reviewers sharing the opinion.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1081647005