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Walk With Me

Walk Me Home - Catherine Ryan Hyde

By Catherine Ryan Hyde


Publisher:  Amazon Publishing

Publication Date:  4/23/14

Format: Audio

My Rating:  4 Stars


Catherine Ryan Hyde’s WALK ME HOME, is a mesmerizing tale of two sisters, on a journey to escape the system of foster care, and along the way—learn the meaning of home, kindness, love, and redemption.


Carly (16 yrs old) and Jen (11 yrs old), have never had a stable home life. They pack up and move with their mom from one town to another, different jobs, and one man to another. When they are about to leave once again, their mom takes off with her boyfriend, and receive the news their mom has died suddenly in a car accident. Desperate to stay together, Carly knows she and her sister cannot go into foster care, so they decide to take off on their own to try and survive in a scary world.


There is only one person in their life (an old boyfriend of their moms)--they can contact. They begin walking and hitchhiking across the Southwest in search of Teddy. Carly hopes he will take them in, even if their mom broke up with him over a secret which Carly chooses not to believe.


Along the way, the girls find themselves in trouble while seeking a place to sleep, food to stay alive, clothes and shoes, all while escaping danger. When they get caught stealing food on a Native American reservation, they find more than food.


A moving and inspiring story only Catherine Ryan Hyde can tell. If you have not read any of her books, you are missing out! She writes from the heart, and has a unique way of taking tragedies and turning them into beautiful life lessons learned, for each of her flawed characters.


I am currently in the process of reading some of her older books I missed along the way. I highly recommend WALK ME HOME and her latest book, SAFE WITH ME, (7/22/14) a 5 Star read, and be sure and look for her upcoming THE LANGUAGE OF HOOFBEATS (12/22/14). An author you will want to follow!

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