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Here and Again

Here and Again - Nicole R. Dickson

By Nichole R. Dickson
ISBN-13: 9780451466778
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication Date: 6/3/14
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 400
My Rating: 3 Stars



Nichole R. Dickson’s HERE AND AGAIN, is a beautiful novel of loss, love, redemption, and finding your way home.Dickson dives into the lives and histories of families, and back to the Civil War, with well-developed characters, drawing readers into a magical world as the novel shifts back and forth between Ginger and Samuel’s POV.


Ginger lost her husband in Iraq and she is raising three children. She is living on a farm where her husband grew up, owned by her husband’s grandmother. Set deep in the Shenandoah Valley, Ginger dreams of the past. When a stranger appears in her life, he says he’s a soldier, and trying to make his way home, but Ginger understands Samuel is a kindred spirit.


HERE AND AGAIN takes you on a remarkable journey as readers learn about all the pieces of their life, while seamlessly intertwining the past and present, from grief to joy. I listened to the audiobook, read by Karen White which was warmhearted and easy flowing. Readers enjoying contemporary or historical fiction will appreciate Dickson’s lyrical style. I look forward to reading more by this author!



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