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Suspicion - Joseph Finder


By Joseph Finder

ISBN-13: 9780525954606
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication Date: 5/27/14
Format: Audio
Pages: 400
My Rating: 4 Stars 


Joseph Finder’s SUSPICION, a heart-pounding page turner—My first book by this author and was highly impressed! Definitely will be reading more of his previous books.


I listened to the audio version narrated by Steven Kearney—his voice kept the suspense high throughout the book as characters fought to hold their life and family together. Would recommend the audio version as definitely kept a long drive exciting.


Dan Goodman, a writer is living on borrowed money, from an advance which has been spent, and now unable to write. He is keeping the real truth of his financial ruin, from his daughter Abby, who is currently attending a very expensive private school (with a tuition he can no longer afford). If this is not bad enough, Abby now wants to go on a class trip to Italy. More $$$.


Her mom died of cancer and Abby’s step-father is no longer in her life, and of course Dan feels so much guilt, as he is not able to maintain Abby’s style of living. To make matters worse, she is now best friend’s with one of the richest girls in the school. Go figure!


Desperate, and at his wits end, already receiving the notice from the school, Abby will have to find herself another school if tuition is not paid—Dan meets Abby’s BFFs dad, Tom Galvin. He is a wealthy investment banker – mega bucks!


Tom offers to pay Abby’s way to Italy as a gesture to help his daughter. Then he offers Dan a $50K loan or gift to help with his daughter’s school tuition, while working on his book.


Dan is upset and feels guilty he cannot afford to offer his daughter financial security, and decides to accept the loan from his new friend Tom out of desperation. However, as a pack with the devil goes— it comes with a price. Little does Dan know, Tom is involved with the Mexican drug cartel and he has only one client – his father-in-law, who controls the money.


Dan is contacted by the DEA and informs him he has no choice but to plant bugs and be a snitch on Tom in order to bring him down. During this time he grows fond of Tom and they go on a vacation to Colorado and the girls become inseparable. With twists and turns, suspense builds as the girls, Dan, Tom, and their families are all in danger.


SUSPICION is well-written, with characters you root for, even though Dan was a little naïve at times and Abby seemed like a spoiled brat. I liked Lucy the girlfriend and even though Tom increased his wealth in a not so moral way, he was a fun character.


Desperation and suspicion—an ongoing theme where two men make the wrong decisions for their families and both are tested to the limits. I thought the set up and the first 50% of the book was more intense than the last portion. However, overall Finder’s delivers an engrossing novel!



Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/956877594