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Cop Town

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter


By Karin Slaughter  

ISBN:  9780345547491

Publisher:  Random House Publishing Group - Bantam Dell

Publication Date:  June 24, 2014 

Format:  Hardcover

Pages: 416 

My Rating:  5 Stars 


Loved this Atlanta Crime Thriller, COP TOWN!, Karin Slaughter’s upcoming new stand-alone crime thriller based in Hot Atlanta. A dark encounter of life on the streets, back in the seventies in a controversial city full of hatred and crime, in a predominantly male law enforcement world, with no respect for women, or other minorities. 

The 70’s were proving to be a bad decade for police officers. Atlanta had suffered more losses than most and in the past two years they caught five cop killers though only one of them had seen the inside of a courtroom. The others had mysterious accidents and the fifth one had walked out of the courtroom a free man.

It was great returning to Atlanta, to all the familiar neighborhoods, with a beautiful, kick ass rookie cop, named Kate, a Jewish Buckhead gal, who recently lost her husband in Vietnam. 

Kate, walks into the Atlanta Police Department, blindsided with every kind of racism, sexism, discrimination, and abuse you can only imagine, especially being a woman in a man’s world--- as readers get to experience firsthand her first EIGHT days on the force. (they are not pretty ones).

Kate gets paired with seasoned partner, Maggie Lawson. Maggie of course is under the thumb of her Uncle Terry and brother, Jimmy and her life is not easy (they even treat their own family like dirt). A lot of bad cops and not too many good ones. 

No one gives Kate, the new girl a break, as she quickly gets introduced to hookers, drug dealers, crack houses, pimps, violence, bigotry and the down and dirty Atlanta (all the evil is not within the town, but inside the police force). Kate is not sure she will make it through day one. These people are crude, violent, sexist, and obnoxious. - She is not safe anywhere, and little does she know the killer is on her trail, as well.

A brutal murder has taken place and a serial killer is targeting cops and a divided police force with the mission of bringing a madman to justice. Maggie and Kate team up with Gail (this is one crazy and funny woman), to try and crack down a madman with no help from the macho pigs. No liberals, gays, or minorities are welcome by these guys.  

As the suspense builds, readers hear from three POVs -Maggie, Kate, and the Killer, (Shooter/Fox). The killer remains a secret, as Slaughter does a bang up job keeping you guessing. There is much more to the novel than the actual murders and crime. The author dives into the life of Kate, her past, family, and her struggles with people being good and bad at the same time. 

Maggie is quite a mystery; however, she and Kate learn from one another and develop a trust. (Liked the little sexy diversion of Dr. Philip Van Zandt -Dr. Zipless). Maybe more from Maggie in another book.

A fast-paced, heart-racing, riveting crime thriller which keeps you on edge-- from Chester Bridge, Little Five Points, Howell Mill, Cabbage Town, Midtown, Buckhead, Grant Park, Downtown, to Grady Hospital---getting a glimpse into the dark alleys and secrets of Atlanta’s finest—truly engrossing, filled with humor and sarcasm for a satisfying bestseller read. 

Having moved to (Buckhead) Atlanta in the early nineties, missed all the happenings in the earlier times; however, have heard horror stories. Slaughter did an outstanding job with the fictional account, research, and reality of this devastating time. 

For those who do not reside in the area, you will be glad to know a number of these seedy dark areas are now quite trendy and hip, with lots of lofts and restaurants.

A special thank you to Random House Publishing Group-Bantam Dell and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 




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