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A Sense of Entitlement

A Sense of Entitlement - Anna Loan-Wilsey


By Anna Loan-Wilsey 

ISBN:  9780758276384

Publisher: Kensington Books

Publication Date: June 24, 2014 

Format: Paperback 

Series:  A Hattie Davish Mystery Series

Page: 336

My Rating: 4 Stars

The traveling secretary and detective Hattie Davish (Hattie Davish Mystery #3) comes this time, for six glorious weeks to a small wealthy New England town of Newport, Rhode Island for her latest, A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. (#2 Galena, Illinois) and (#1 Eureka Springs, AR). 

Everyone knows Newport best for the Mansions. These sprawling summer “cottages” were once the home to the great American industrialist and captains of industry.

Hattie is not sure how she let Sir Arthur talk her into this trip; however, she thought she would enjoy herself for six weeks in Newport, the Queen of Resorts, with new plant species to collect, miles of hiking along the seaside cliffs, and some light typing duties- you know, a vacation. (at least that’s what Sir Arthur said). 

He and his wife, Lady Phillippa had rented a cottage in Newport for the summer season, with his manuscript to finish, she agreed to accompany them. Twelve hours on a bloody bloat! Why would Mr. Mayhew want a trunk thrown overboard?

Before she has time to think of relaxation in this small quaint town and possibly a summer romance, she learns members of the local labor unions are at odds with Newport’s gentry. How could workers be on strike in July in Newport, in season? 

All sort of complications happen upon arrival leaving Hattie to work with the high society families, which of course are full of secrets and lies. Charlotte Mayhew was the wife of one of the wealthiest men in American. Along with Mrs. Astor and Mrs. Vanderbilt, she was purported to be one Newport’s society’s grande dames, with her husband, one of the most influential men in the country. (social standing among other things was vitally important to this wealthy class).

A mystery begins when Mr. Harland Whitwell, one of Newport's most eminent citizens, is found stabbed to death, his hands clutching a strike pamphlet. Of course there is more to investigate with a few secrets and skeletons in the closets of the Whitwell mansion and more prejudices and demands of the rich and wealthy—those who think they are above the law, of course 

Hattie makes her list of eight people who may want the labor man dead. They range from Nicholas, Doubleday, Mayhew, Crankshaw, James, Charlotte, Jane or Eugenine, or someone else? 

She  does enjoy her two older lady friends somewhat and then there is Dr. Walter Grice, (love interest)? from an earlier book and his mother Julia is staying with her friends—more drama there. 

A smart detective, she begins to uncover more scandals and she dives into the lives of the wealthy in the late 19th century. She struggles between her loyalty to her employer and the guilty parties. 

For those readers who enjoy historical crime mysteries with detailed research about these areas, Anna Loan-Wilsey's novels journey through areas of the world of the latter nineteenth century.


As you step back in history, Hattie becomes the heroine and an integral part in solving the mysteries. Readers will be transported to the time, and will enjoy the cozy mystery of who did it.


A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/934862123