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The Tailgate

The Tailgate: An Original Story - Elin Hilderbrand

By Elin Hilderbrand 

ISBN-13: 9780316376167

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Publication date: 5/1/2014

Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.

Format: eBook Short Story

My Rating:  4 Stars  


THE TAILGATE is a short e-book introduction to Elin Hilderbrand’s upcoming new book THE MATCHMAKER pub date: (6/24/2014). Having read all Elin’s book, looking forward to her newest release!

A book of two young lovers at different colleges140 miles apart(room to lie)? Dabney and Clen at a time when they were younger at Harvard and Yale. At the start of sophomore year, Clen announced that he would not set foot in Cambridge again unless Dabney came first to New Haven, CT. She continued to promise and always had excuses. She always went home to Nantucket. 

Dabney had been seeing a therapist since she was twelve years old. Now at Harvard, she felt such a trip to New Haven would not happen. However November presented a unique opportunity – THE Game. 

She thought the game would be a perfect time for her visit Clen; as everyone was going from Harvard to Yale. She would ride with her roommate Mallory and Mallory’s boyfriend, Jason.

Every Monday afternoon, Dabney spoke for fifty minutes to her therapist, Dr. Donegal---to discuss her issue of agoraphobia. After eight years of therapy, she found she could not be fixed; however he helped her manage it. Nantucket was her oxygen. It was the only place she felt safe, healthy, whole. 

She will not drive, due to panic attacks, so always finding a way to ride with someone else. From Harvard to Yale--- she was so excited to finally be seeing Clen---planning a picnic for the tailgate party, and borrowing some sexy clothes. 

Prepared with her valium, her silver dollar in her jeans pocket and penny loafers ---off she goes with her roommate and her boyfriend. How will she get home and away from her not so faithful boyfriend? Can’t wait to learn the rest!



The Matchmaker  June 24, 2014 


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/900947986